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Flynn Carsen returns to the Library having found the final missing artifact and is surprised and concerned when he realizes that the other Librarians and Eve are missing and Jenkins doesn't even remember that the actually exist.

The Clippings book goes a bit bonkers but dispatches him to the tiny island town of Cicely, which had a totem pole go missing. Flynn soon runs into Eve, now the town Sheriff, and the others, who are all living out idealized versions of their lives, their "happily ever afters."

Moriarty is also there, and he's Eve's boyfriend (much to Flynn's annoyance). Jenkins advises Flynn to play along with the spell, but things get complicated when Eve realizes that the town ferry has been down for three days.

Then they all discover another newcomer to Cicely, Ariel the sprite, now in the form of a young woman. She agrees to help Flynn break the spell. Flynn manages to weaken the spell on the Librarians temporarily, but they have to totally reject the alternate lives they're living under.

They ultimately do so, and flee back to the Library, only to land outside. Eve realizes that Flynn is being affected by the Happily Ever After spell, too, and he performs the same ritual they did to end the spell.

Unfortunately, they've been under Prospero's sway for three weeks, and he's used the time to superpower the ley lines, putting the world in grave danger.

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

And this guy? 'Special Agent'? He's like fifteen years old! AND AUSTRALIAN! How could he be FBI?!


Have you all lost your minds, or have I?!