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Flynn and Eve attend a film noir festival. They get magically transported into the world of the film they're watching. Jacob, Cassandra and Ezekiel discover what has happened to them. Jenkins determines that some magical artifact caused them to enter the film. He says the solution is to bring the film to its intended conclusion. Flynn and Eve figure out the same thing. They have to follow the original script, which Eve knows by heart. Jenkins has an idea of how to call them, but can't get them to pick up. The other three Librarians try to go in after them, but end up in the wrong movie, a Western. Jade, the owner of the revival house, is the daughter of the filmmaker honored in the festival. Jenkins is still trying to determine the artifact causing the trouble. Jenkins gets the Magic Door working, allowing the trio to escape, but they end up in a science-fiction film instead. Cassandra remembers dialogue from that film, but not all the plot, so they're soon in trouble again. Jade's father's typewriter is the artifact. Flynn and Eve are still stuck in the movie, despite following the script. Jenkins calls the office phone, to tell them the ending is missing from the original script, and that they must deduce what happens themselves. Then he uses the magic typewriter to rescue the other three Librarians. Flynn and Eve rewind the movie back to Madeline's first visit, and get her to admit Tony the Shas took her daughter Pearl from her. In the final scene, the three Librarians bust through the Magic Door to overcome the mobsters, and Madeline is reunited with Pearl.The script was actually written by Eleanor, the woman waiting outside to see the film who is also Jade's mother. When they're reunited, Eve and Flynn flash out of the film. 

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

I don't think the way out is out there [looking into the theater]. I think the way out is out there [looking out the office window].

Eve [to Flynn]

You need a break from your intellect even more than I do.

Eve [to Flynn]