The Former Librarian - The Librarians Season 4 Episode 5
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A teen boy wakes up to discover that he, and the entire town around him, has aged dramatically overnight. Eve questioned if the effect might be contagious. Jacob, Cassandra and Ezekiel discover a girl who hasn't aged. They chase the girl into a warehouse, but get cornered by a group of misshapen, unintelligent creatures. They are rescued by a former Librarian, Darrington Dare. Flynn is floored to meet Dare, perhaps the greatest Librarian of all time. Dare has come forward 130 years in time in pursuit of Ambrose Gethick, his nemesis. Gethick stole the Bleeding Crown of the Vampire Queen of Northampton. Gethick, with his re-duplicate creatures, escaped through a space-time portal, with Dare in pursuit. Dare left the day before his 40th birthday. Flynn recalled for the others than Dare died on that birthday. They all go hunting for the girl. Dare tells Flynn that there can only be one Librarian, and the others must be fired. They spot the girl and chase her. The rest follow the sound of a music box into a trap. Dare and Flynn find the girl's entire family hasn't aged. They figure out that Gethick is mixing magic with electricity to age people. Upon leaving, they meet the other four, who have been aged. Dare has Jenkins bring the Book of Librarians. Dare restores the missing pages, and warns of war among Librarians. Gethick has trapped the other four and hopes to use Library energy to kill Dare. Dare won't stop his sword fight with Gethick, so Flynn has to save the others alone. Flynn brings Jenkins to overload Gethick's network, killing him. Dare goes back, but his history has changed, and he lived to an old age. 

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

All right, this is weird, even for us.


Eve: An entire town turning old overnight. How is that even possible?
Flynn: It's not. It's magical.
Cassandra: Or maybe it's a time bubble.
Jacob: Or it's Florida.