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Julia and Alice agree to transfer Julia’s powers between them, but their first attempt is halted when Penny reveals its potentially dangerous outcome. The two make the decision to approach Dean Fogg, who upon learning that Julia lied to him about having magic is less than pleased. But after she uses a little magic for him, he concedes to help them do the transfer safely. After they’ve collected their moving parts, they set about completing the spell, but still manage to face an unpleasant outcome as Alice tries to harness Julia's magic and Julia runs scared from the trauma it conjures. 

Back in Fillory, the Fairy Queen demands Eliot use his pull with Margo to get her marriage consummated or else. After receiving an urgent note from Prince S, Eliot decides to take Margo and her newly betrothed an hour north to an “aphrodisiac” laden forest where he promises the Fairy Queen the marriage vow will be fulfilled. But Eliot has a much different plan and mission up his sleeve, one that leads him and Margo to uncover a giant Fairy conspiracy. Meanwhile, Quentin and Benedict set out into a place known as the Abyss to find the latest key. There they discover a castaway Brakebills student who sends them both down a dark path.

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Incubus: You’ve got two minutes.
Julia: Henry fog said that you might be able to help us power our spell. We just… we need to use your thing.
Incubus: My what?
Alice: Uh, you’re thing. You’re business.
Incubus: Sorry?
Alice: Your little friend. Uh--I mean--your big friend. Well, I’m--I’m sure your friend is perfectly proportioned to your body.

Penny: Wait! Stop! Do not do this!
Julia: Did you just use that fish as a doorbell?
Penny: I’ve been trying to warn you guys for like an hour. Being the fish button is the first thing in this entire room that’s worked.
Alice: What are you trying to warn us about?
Penny: This spell. I’ve seen it, in person.
Julia: Are you serious?
Penny: Yeah. A couple months back on a book stealing job, I saw a group of magically starved idiots do the transfer. And by the end of it, everyone was on fire.