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On The Magicians Season 4 Episode 5, “Escape from the Happy Place,” we find out exactly where Eliot has been. Eliot’s consciousness is hiding out in a place that the Monster cannot reach. With the help of the former host’s consciousness, Charlton, Eliot embarks on a journey through his traumas to find a door that will take him out of The Happy Place and give him control of his body briefly. 

Meanwhile, in Fillory, Margo breaks the news to the Fillorians that Eliot is gone. She’s gone to retrieve her birthright box while Fen and the other Fillorians mourn. More things are brewing in though, starting with all the talking animals being struck dumb. 

Julia is trying to figure out more about her god problems with the help of Shoshana. Shoshana drops the cloak around Julia meant to protect her from the McAllisters leading Iris to show up. Iris gives Julia a task to trap the monster using blood from a living stone. The thing is, without magic Julia needs help getting the blood from the stone and so has to enlist Quentin.

Alice is also on a mission now that she knows Quentin is going to die in a few days. She sends Christopher Plover to the Poison World and then goes to find Quentin and warn him about the end of his book. She and Quentin argue and Alice eventually agrees to leave after she helps him change the ending of his book. 

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The Magicians Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

You saved my life. You can save my life fifty times. It's not going to change anything between us. I love you.


If I ever get out of here Q, know that when I'm braver it's because I learned it from you.