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The Magicians have their identities back, but the story is just beginning. The beast, or monster, that's inhabiting Eliot is hunting gods, and he isn't fond of the Brakebills students either since they tried to kill him. Marina escapes running into Margot in the lobby and tells her about the god-killing defense system she had installed in her apartment. 

While the beast is deciding the order in which he will kill Kady, Josh, Penny, and Quentin when Margot walks in proclaiming that she can deliver Bacchus if he lets her friends live. This leads Josh and Margot to leave with Eliot to go to Fillory to find Bacchus. Part of Marina's god-killing security system was a dose of ambrosia that is basically god meth, and if you kill it you can overdose. 

While Josh, Margot, and Eliot are in Fillory the rest of the Brakebills squad confronts Marina who confesses that the McAllisters have a bounty on their heads. Part of the New World Order is that any big magic requires a special coin. The McAllisters were going to give Marina three Dewey's for the magicians. She says she'll take their offer if they can pay her five Deweys. 

Since they can't just waltz into the library, they need a forger. They call on one of Penny's friends, Frankie, who is pretty gifted with fortune enchantments and they gather materials to forge one of the McAllister's Library Black Cards. The catch with this enchantment is that luck is zero-sum. For all the good luck the Magicians will get, someone has to hold a stuffed bear and they will have a pretty bad day. 

Julia offers to hold the bear, but her previous tenure as a goddess is interfering with the enchantment. Frankie tells her to throw the bear and Quentin catches it. (Oh Quentin! You always have such bad luck.)

Alice is still in Library jail where Dean Fogg warns her that the "Great Blank Spot" has ended and that the library will know where they've gone and what they are doing. This means, before Alice can leave The Library, she has to steal her book and all of her friend's books as well.

The thing is, they've been taken to the revision room for editing. (Uh oh!) 

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Yes, Ms. Wicker. I made a deal with the goddamned library, and in doing so, I saved your lives.

Dean Fogg

This thing has god-level power. I have a bad history with gods since apparently one killed me.