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Eliot and Quentin are in Greece getting ready to summon the god Enyalius. Enyalius is a war god, not to be confused with Aries, and you definitely should say that in front of him because it makes him mad. (According to Eliot.)  

Meanwhile, Janet/Margo is traipsing around Fillory when she meets the Lord of All Fillorian Fresh Water. He likes to be called Lord Fresh. He is guarding her birthright box which told him of her return and her loss of self. It also told him that Margot would know what it is to rule alone. He sends her on her way to find the god who summoned her in a dream. 

Fillory’s problem is that opium is saturated in the air, apparently spurred on Ember’s return. It’s causing the residents to act strangely including dancing nude in the streets.  What they think is Ember turns out that’s caused by Bacchus who has come to Fillory for reasons still unknown. 

Alice and Santa continue their jailhouse friendship, and he says that he can get her magic. This turns out to be through the pneumatic tubes that run through their prison. By sticking her arm in one Alice is able to use the magic to let the cockroach be her eyes to get some intel on the place.  

Dean Fogg knows about Marina’s interference with his glamour and triggers a read-me file that plays in front of everyone. She comes up with a plan to undo the glamors by casting the same spell on Dean Fogg, turning him into her father. Todd is in on the glamour magic with Dean Fogg and Fogg tasks him with writing down his memoirs during his last day before the spell takes effect.

Fogg has a way to undo the spell but if he reveals it then the other students' lives will be in danger. However, his hope rests in Kimber/Julia, who thinks she’s flunking out. Kim and Todd find the perpetual battery and after hurling herself at it numerous times the battery overloads and the glamors fade. 

This, of course, means that the body-snatching demon who has hold of Eliot can now find the rest of the Brakebills students, and this time he’s not here to play.

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

So spells are basically credit cards with automated fraud warning calls? That’s not super inspired.


Who are you? Where am I? And why does everyone in this nightmare keep calling me king? Is that even a thing?