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Everyone bands together to stop the harmonic convergence.

Zelda suggests the group consult lunar fanatics, or luna-tics.

Alice and Julia visit one in a mental hospital who tells them to move the moon, they need to ask her, something that can only be done if they have moonbrain, which means can only be achieved by staying awake for five straight days without magic.

They also need a moonrock as a "sacrifice," and find that billionaire Oren Westbrook, also a luna-tic, has one. They ask to borrow it, but he refuses.

The group decides to steal it, but they would need to help of Natasha, Mayakovsky's daughter and Westbrook's ex-girlfriend. 

Natasha demands a shade for payment, so the group comes up with a work around.

Margo, Josh, and Penny crash Westbrook's party while Kady, glamoured as Natasha, appears to steal the moonrock.

Julia, Alice, and Eliot stay behind and try to move the moon.

However, their plans are foiled when Marina shows up. She and Eliot both cast spells once the harmonic convergence is upon them and end up "breaking" the moon.

Elsewhere, Kady partners with Zelda to locate the stolen book depository. They find it and the book they need to remove Reed's Mark from hedge witches. 

Kady also learns Marina stole the book depository in the first place.

Fen stays in Fillory and tries to get intel on the Dark King's involvement with the capturing of fairies. She meets the captured fairy and goes with the fairy to learn more.

Lastly, Eliot thinks the Monster is still inside him as he hears a voice whispering to him and there appears to be 'Let me out' written in blood.

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Luna-tic: What people don’t understand is there is a skeleton of the universe, but we are the bones.
Alice: That’s good to know.
Luna-tic: I am humorous. You, patella.

Julia: Good, well I hope you have some ideas because we’re striking out.
Zelda: I do; consult the luna-tics.
Julia: The luna-tics?
Zelda: Short for lunar fanatics. In the Middle Ages, people thought insanity was caused by changing phases in the moon. In fact, it was often a lunatic in the throes of worship. They claim to be able to achieve a magical connection with the moon and even under some circumstances move it.
Kady: Hmm, that sounds useful.
Julia: Well, if it’s just branding it means they’re not really crazy, right?
Alice: My dad always said they were bat-shit insane, and he married my mom, so he had a pretty high bar for mental instability.