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Margo and Fen arrive back on earth and find Christopher Plover who reveals Seb is Rupert Sebastian Chatwin who tied himself to a vitality conduit before his brother Martin could do the same.

Martin then cursed Seb to sleep, who was finally awakened by the magical surges.

Plover adds Seb, who can only be killed by destroying all of Fillory, then came to power and summoned the Takers to resurrect his lost love Lance, who died while he slumbered.

Eliot and Julia are captured by Seb and forced to participate in a seance to allow Seb the opportunity to talk with his lost love.

They then learn Seb's lost love is Lance, making him Rupert Chatwin.

Alice and Kady search for more information on the Couple, and while they await answers, Zelda asks for their help to find a way to fix magic on earth.

One way would be to create a new moon, something that can be done by growing the world seed.

Alice, who has the instruction manual for the world seed that the Couple is after, finds the scenario suspicious.

She is proven right but refuses to give the missing page to the Couple until Kady's life is put in jeopardy. Alice then agrees.

Penny helps Plum with her traveler abilities, and they learn she is a time traveler.

She travels them back to 1998, and then 1920, where they enlist the help of Hyman.

She is eventually able to get herself and Penny back to the present day, but they somehow end up trapped in a strange room somehow connected with the signal.

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Fen: What happened to your eye?
Margo: I lent it to Josh.
Fen: What happened to his eye?
Margo: Nothing. He’s an idiot. He went back to worth Tick and Rafe before things go shit shaped.
Fen: OK, so why did you …
Margo: I’m worried, so I’m keeping an eye on him, OK.
Fen: Oh, it’s a pun. I get it because you gave him your eye.
Margo: Shut the fuck up Fen.

Margo: Jesus cock and balls, what’s keeping Julia now? We just murdered the god damn king back there; they should act like it.
Fen: Probably just Julia’s toe worms.