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The scout troopers have the Jedi baby in their possession on their speederbikes. They are informed that Moff Gideon may have killed some of his own troopers and they should wait for clearance before entering town.

IG-11 arrives saying the troopers must remand The Child to him immediately, as he is his nurse droid.

The troopers refuse and IG-11 attacks them and takes the baby and a speeder bike.

Back at The Client's quarters, Mando, Cara, and Greef are still surrounded by armed troopers in Gideon's control. They decide to attempt escape through the sewer vent. 

Gideon announces that his troopers have set up an E-Web heavy repeating blaster that can vaporize its subjects.

Gideon threatens the heroes and reveals the full names of Cara Cynthia Dune of Alderaan and of our Mandalorian, Dyn Jarren, He expands with the ways each has encountered the weapon in the past, including Jarren's battle -- referred to as The NIght of 1000 Tears.

Gideon urges them to surrender unarmed, or the building they are sheltered in will be destroyed. He gives them until nightfall to surrender, and he leaves them.

Inside, Jarren informs Cara that the Empirical tyrant is Moff Gideon, to which Cara responds such a thing is impossible as Gideon was killed for war crimes. 

Flashback to Jarren as a child in a war-torn village. His parents carry him through blaster-fire and destruction. They hide him in an underground structure and leave him, His parents are presumably killed then outside by an armed droid who opens the door to the hideaway, and is then destroyed by a Mandalorian. The Mandalorian rescues child Jarren. A band of Mandalorians is now fighting for the town.

Back to presenttime, Jarren attempts to contact Kuiil to determine if he's dead and IG-11 responds while blasting his way though the village on a speederbike he stole from the scouts, destroying troopers all the way in to find the trapped heroes.

During the commotion, the heroes fire in order to escape, resulting in a sea of dead troopers.

Gideon returns,shooting at the E-Web while Jarren was nearby. Jarren is injured in the blast. The other heroes take him in to help him recover.

Jarren instructs the others to take the Child to safety, as he may not survive. He tells Cara to go to Mandalorian Guard and tell them the fondling was in his protection so they will help them. Cara tries to pursaude him to accompany them.

A red and white trooper approaches and blasts the building they are in. It enters and aims his weapon and fires.

The Jedi baby uses the Force to reverse the blast, expelling the dead trooper from the facility. The Child then passes out.

IG-11 kicks the sewer vent open. Cara and Greef escape through it with The Child as IG-11 informs them he will stay with Jarren.

Jarren asks IG-11 to end his life, but the droid saves him by administering a healing spray to his brain after getting him to agree to remove his helmet -- IG-11 is not a "living being," so it's not against the creed for Jarren to show his face.

IG-11 soon meets up with the rest of the group in the underground tunnels, carrying a healing Jarren. They come across a pile of Mandalorian corpses.

A female Mandalorian interrupts them, explaining how the Imperials arrived after the Mandalorians left the covert, leading to the annihilation of most of the Mandalorians. Some may have escaped off-world. Jarren asks her to accompany them but she does not want to before salvaging the remains.

The female Mandalorian sees The Child and informs Jarren that he must reunite it with its own kind. Jarren is hesitant since it sounded to him like -- from her story -- the Jedi sorcerers were the enemy during a battle with Mandalor the Great. 

The female tells Jarren he has earned his signet and she seals one onto his armor; it signifies a clan of two.

Troopers enter nearby. IG-11 goes to protect the outer hallway. The female Mandalorian gives Jarren a gift of a jet pack to assist wiith his former training in The Rising Phoenix. The rocket jets are to make him complete. They leave her.

Troopers enter to interrogate the female Mandalorian. She brutally kills them all.

The crew reaches the lava river. There is a ferry but the ferry froid is worn out. They push the ferry out and board it. The ferry droid is activated. It steers them towards the lava flat.

Jarren sees a flank of stormtroopers hiding behind the cave exit. The ferry droid does not respond to cease orders. Cara destroys it. But the ferry continues on its trek.

IG-11 says he will need to self destruct because he foresees the crew's inevitable capturing, and if his design is altered, he must be destroyed per his manufacturer's security protocol.

IG-11 enters the lava and self destructs near the troopers, killing them all.

The heroes exit the cave and Gideon's TIE fighter attacks them. Jarren uses his new jet pack to attack himself to the ship. Jarren sticks an explosive on the ship and flies back to the ferry. The TIE fighter falls to the ground in smoke and flames.

Cara decides to stay on Navarro with Greef who invites her to be his enforcer. Greef says Jarren should go off and enjoy himself and when he returns, the Bounty Hunters Guild will welcome him back in. But Jarren has more pressing matters.

Jarren leaves in his ship with the Jedi baby.

Back at the site of the TIE fighter crash, Jawas surround the ship and run away as Gideon cuts his way through the ship with his lightsaber, exiting the vehicle fully intact.

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The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

IG-11: I am IG-11. I am this child's nurse droid, and require that you remand him to me immediately.
Scout trooper: A nurse droid? I thought it was a hunter. Aren't IGs usually hunters?
Other scout trooper: Evidently this one's a nurse.

Scout trooper: What is that thing anyway? [referencing the Jedi baby]
Other scout trooper: I dunno. Maybe Moff wants to eat it. I don't ask questions.