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Greef Karga transmits a holographic message to the Mandalorian in his ship informing that he is still alive and The Client who originally hired him to retrieve The Child has increased his number of ex Imperial guard reinforcements. The Client -- with the help of the guards -- has imposed despotic rule over Greef's city, impeding the function of the Bounty Hunter Guild. 

Greef offers that Mando return to Navarro with The Child as bait. He will provide loyal guild members as protection while Mando kills The Client.

In return, Mando's name would be cleared with the Guild. 

Mando arrives back in Navarro where he finds Cara Dune competing in a fighting match with a Dathomirian, for which she wins money. Mando asks her to join him on this new mission. He offers her a handsome reward. Upon hearing that the subject of the mission is an Imperial, Cara agrees to join.

On the ship, Cara asks if Mando's contact needs to vet her and he informs her that the contact does not know she is coming with him.

Mando exprersses his distrust for Greef but admits he has no choice but to fulfill this mission for the safety of The Child.

Sudden turbulence aboard the ship causes Cara to protect The Child. She offers to Mando that they need someone to watch it.

Mando flies them to see old Ugnaught friend, Kuiil, on planet Arvala-7. While introducing Kuiil to Cara, IG-11 enters to serve drinks, causing Mando and Cara to aim their weapons at it. Kuill explains the droid is no longer programmed to destroy The Child.

Kuiil exposits he found the droid, after the battle, devoid of all life. He recovered it. He had reconstructed hits neural harness and had to teach it everything from scratch. It eventually developed its own personality.

Kuiil says the droid is no longer a hunter but will protect. And serve tea.

Mando offers to hire Kuiil to watch and guard The Child. Kuiil says he is not suited for such work and offers to reprogram IG-11 for nursing and protocol. Mando does not want the droid near The Child and is still wary of it.

Kuiil asks Mando to trust him; that he and IG-11 will protect the Child -- along with the Blurgs -- but not for money. They will do it to protect The Child from Imperial slavery and do their part to rid the galaxy of the ways of old.

Mando, Cara, The Child, Kuiil, and Kuiil's dewback leave together on the Razor Crest.

Mando and Cara arm wrestle. The Child uses The Force to begin strangling Cara, somehow thinking she is an enemy during the arm wrestling. Mando shakes The Child loose of its powers and exclaims that Cara is a friend.

Kuiil pontificates the powers of The Child and brings up the story of Mando fighting off the mudhorn with the help of The Child and The Force (though they do not know the name of The Force at this time).

Kuiil says he has heard rumors of what this -- The Child -- can do. Cara accuses him of having heard the rumors when he worked for the Empire. Kuiil clarifies that he was sold to the Empire as an indentured servant. He bought his freedom with the "skill of his hands."

Mando breaks the tension by asking Kuiil to help build some padding for The Child's sleeping container. He offers to build a better one to prove his worth to Cara.

Cara and Mando discuss Navarro. Cara explains that Navarro stayed under Empire control until the war ended.

The ship lands on Navarro where they are greeted by Greef and three other bounty hunters. Greef finally meets The Child.

They all camp out for the evening before heading into town. They review the plan to show the bait (The Child) allowing Mando  to get close enough to kill The Client. Greef explains that the Imperial reinforcements should want to join Greef's employ, otherwise his bounty hunter team will destroy them.

They are suddenly attacked by flying bogwings. Greef is hurt and was poisoned by one of the creatures.The Child places its hands on him and cures him.

They approach the town. Greef's bounty hunter friends sneak up on Mando and Cara with their weapons, but Greef turns around and shoots and kills the members of his own team. He tells Mando and Cara the plan was originally to kill Mando and take The Child, but after Greef's life was saved the night prior, he could not go through with that plan. 

Cara wants to kill Greef on the spot but they all decide together that Greef can help them to kill The Client. The new plan is for Greef to bring Mando to him and say he captured him. When Mando gets close, he kills The Client. Cara insists on coming along. The plan is revised so she will say she captured Mando. Mando instructs The Child be left on the ship with Kuiil, using ship security measures.

Greef and Cara enter town with a cuffed Mando and the empty Child pod. They check in with a scout trooper who verifies identity and offers 20 credits for the captured Mando's helmet. Greef tells him he's putting the helmet on his own wall.

They enter The Client's quarters. The Client appreciates the beskar armor on the Mandalorian and offers Greef a drink.

The Client tells Mando of his disappointent that Mandalor refused the Empire's expansion.

The Client demands to see The Child but is interrupted by a stormtrooper informing him of a call he must take. Greef subtly gives Mando his blaster.

Moff Gideon is on the transmission warning The Client that The Child is not with them. Mando shoots The Client in the back and a fightt inside the quarters ends with Greef, Mando, and Cara killing off the enemies, only to be surrounded by armed troopers outside the building.

Mando contacts Kuiil -- who hasn't made it back to the ship yet -- to tell him to hurry onto the ship and depart with The Child since they are pinned down. The scout troopers overhear this communication and speed off after Kuiil.

A tie fighter lands outside The Client's quarters.Moff Gideon appears out of the tie fighter. He addresses Mando and explains he will be taking The Child.

Back near the Razor Crest, the scout troopers zoom over and pick up The Child that has now fallen to the ground. We see a disarmed and unconscious Kuiil on the ground just outside the ship.

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The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I don't have a choice. You saw what happened on Sorgan. They'll keep sending hunters. The kid will never be safe until the Imp is dead.


Mando: I have a ship. I can bring you there and back with a handsome reward. You can live free of worry
Cara: I'm already free of worry, and I'm not in the mood to play soldier anymore. Especially fighting some local warlord.
Mando: He's not a local warlord. He's Imperial.
Cara: I'm in.