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The Mandalorian is being pursued by another space hunter, Riot Mar, who was sent to retrieve the stolen child.

During the pursuit, Mando slams on the breaks so Riot jolts ahead of him. He fires and destroys Riot's ship.

Mando lands at Mos Eisley on Tatooine to re-fuel.

Mando fires at a few annoying pit droids whose owner -- a mechanic by the name of Peli Motto-- then scolds him. Mando does not want driods near his ship. She checks out the ship and notices battle damage and a fuel leak.

Mando offers 500 imperial credits to have the ship fixed. The mechanic reluctantly agrees.

While Mando is wandering the area, he walks by a grouping of stormptrooper heads impaled on stakes.

Back at the shop, Peli and droids hear a strange noise from the ship, interrupting their friendly gambling. Peli prepares to defend them, when the Jedi baby walks down the ship's ramp.

Peli tells the baby that she will look after him until the Mandalorian returns and plans to charge him extra for the trouble. 

Mando enters a cantina and asks the bartender droid for any bounty hunter work. The droids explains that the Bounty Guild no longer operates on Tatooine. Mando says he is not interested in Guild work. The droid says that information will not help him find work, but an eavesdropping customer named Toro Calican chimes in that he can use the help, He invites Mando to sit with him.

Toro explains he picked up a bounty puck from the mid-rim. It projects the image of a female assassin named Fennec Shand, whom Toro says has been on the run since the New Republic put her employers in lockdown; the tracking fob data shows she is heading towards the Dune Sea. He suggests the job is an easy one.

Mando recognizes the name but initially refuses the job due to the high danger level of the mission; Fennec Shand has a history as a mercenary, working with powerful crime syndicates, including the Hutts.

Toro admits this is first job and he needs to succeed in order to get into the Guild. He offers Mando all the money.

Mando agrees to help but with stipulations: bring two speeder bikes, give him the tracking fob.Toro smashes the tracking fob and assures Mando he has the information memorized.

Mando returns to his ship at the shop and finds Peli with the child. The mechanic runs down the list of repairs she made to the ship and tries to coerce more money out of her customer.

Toro is waiting outside with two Corellian speeder bikes. He and Mando take off into the desert, leaving the baby in the care of the mechanic.

The duo stops when they notice Tusken Raiders in their path.

Mando uses sign language to negotiate with them for passage across their land. Mando gives Toro's brand new binoculaurs to the Tuskens as payment.

They continue on their way until they find a dewback, dragging a collapsed rider on the ground. The two wonder if this rider is the target. But Mando approaches to see that the rider is another bounty hunter. 

A sniper bolt suddenly hits Mando from a spying attacker across the desert. Mando's beskar armor protects him.

They decide to wait for dark before seeking out the assassin, which turns out to be Fennec Shand.

At nightfall, the two use a flash charge and their speeding bikes to attack Shand by surprise.

Shand first blasts Toro who goes down, then Mando who also goes down. As Shand is about to shoot Mando while he is on the ground, Toro interrupts. Shand retaliates and the two partake in hand-to-hand combat.

Mando awakes and the duo captures Shand.

Mando asks Toro to go find the dewback, since they need additional transport. Toro refuses for fear of Mando taking his bounty and his bike. Mando agrees to go find it himself, leaving Toro alone with Fennec.

Dawn comes and Mando has not yet returned. Fennec tries to convince Toro to take her to the spaceport, Mos Espa, by offering to pay him double the price of her capture. Toro refuses.

Fennec reveals to Toro that Mando is the Mandalorian that is a wanted fugitive throughout the galaxy. She offers to help Toro bring Mando in so that he can become a highly respected bounty hunter in the Guild.

Instead of uncuffing Shand, Toro shoots her, deciding that -- if what she tells him is true -- he should bring him in on his own. Toro leaves on his speeder.

Mando returns on the dewback to see a murdered Fennec Shand and no sign of Toro. He heads back to the village, where he encounters Toro -- now with hostages Peli Motto and the Jedi baby, whom he is holding.

Toro instructs Peli to handcuff Mando and tells him he plans to bring the hunter into the Guild so he can become legendary. 

Toro shoots at Mando whose beskar armor, again, protects him. With the blinding light of the blast on the armor, Toro is distracted and Mando shoots him dead, causing him to drop the Jedi baby. 

Peli and Mando find that the baby has safely hidden himself from harm. 

Peli realizes Mando likely didn't get paid, and gladly accepts when Mando offers a payment of credits stolen from Toro's corpse..

Mando and the baby take off into the galaxy.

The episode closes with a shot of Fennec Shand's body in the desert approached by a dark shadowy figure in a cape, but no face is revealed.

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The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Riot Mar: I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.
[Mando breaks suddenly, causing Riot Mar's ship to jolt past it]
Mando: That's my line.
[Mando fires and Riot Mar's ship explodes]

Hand over the child, Mando. I might let you live.

Riot Mar