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The Mandalorian lands his ship in a spaceport

He meets Ran Malk. Ran says he was surprised to hear from Mando and had heard of conflict between the Guild and him. He reminds Mando of the policy, "No questions," and informs him he is always welcome. The two used to run jobs together.

The two discuss a mission that Ran requested help with: springing free an associate who got caught running afoul of competitors. Five person job, and Ran has four. But he really just needs Mando's ship, The Razor Crest; Mando says the ship was not part of the deal.

Ran admits the ship is the only reason he allowed Mando back.

Ran introduces Mando to associate, Mayfeld -- a former Imperial sharpshooter -- who will run point on the job as Ran is retired from doing jobs now.

Mayfeld introduces Mando to the rest of the crew: A Devaronian named Burg, a droid named Zero, and a Twi'lek named Xi'an (pronounced "shy-ann") -- familiar to him from the old days. Xi'an says she has missed him and the rest of the crew wonders how close they were.

Zero familiarizes himself with the Razor Crest's cockpit controls and finds an incomprehendably disjointed hologram message from Greef Karga.

Meanwhile outside the ship, Mayfeld explains the mission. Mando notices the ship from which they are to spring the prisoner is a New Republic prison ship, meaning that Ran was not telling the truth about his situation -- he was not taken by a rival syndicate, he was arrested. Mando states he does not want the heat from disrupting a max security transport.

Xi'an tells Mando the prison ship is manned by droids and asks if he still dislikes machines. Mando winces.

Zero expresses concern the ship is not as efficient as it should be. But another ship, Ran explains, would be seen. The Razor Crest is a ghost in that it is off the Imperial and New Republic grids. Mayfeld adds the ship can get close enough to jam New Republic code.

Mando is told that Zero is flying the ship because his response time is quicker.

The crew launches and soon enters hyperspace.

Burg gives attitude to Mando. Xi'an asks Mando about a prior job that must have been controversial. Mando says he did what he had to. Xi'an accuses him of liking it and that she knows who he really is. They all mock him. Mayfeld asks him to remove the helmet and show his face so they can all trust each other. Burg goes in to remove it himself, but Mando defends himself and Burg goes down..

In the short fight, Mando accidentally hits the button to open the door to the Jedi baby's quarters. Mayfeld asks if it is a pet.

Mayfeld announces he might take the baby as a pet for himself.

Just then the ship drops out of hyperspace and the crew lands on and couples with the prison ship. Zero confirms the gunship cannot see the crew.

Mando gets the prison ship's entry open. Mayfeld, Xi'an, and Burg enter the ship while Zero disables onboard surveillence. He directs them through the prison gunship and into the cockpit.

They pass by various prisoners in cells.

A mouse droid rolls in and spots them. Burg shoots it, causing the other droids to announce an intruder alert, openning fire. A shooting battle ensues. Mando slides in with a weapon and knocks some droids down. After some hand-to-"hand" battle and more gunfire, Mando succeeds at destroying the droids.

The crew makes it into the cockpit and encounters an armed rebel officer who is piloting the ship. Mando is surprised since only droids were to be on the ship.

The rebel officer threatens to activate a tracking beacon that would notify the New Republic. An attack team would respond and destroy them all. 

Mando tries to talk the rebel officer down by offering to spare his life if he lets them complete their mission. Mayfeld does not agree with this plan and Mando states that nobody can die on this job. Mando turns his blaster on Mayfeld. Mayfeld and Burg turn their weapons on Mando.

They get distracted when Xi'an causes the rebel office to go down. Mayfeld notices the officer had triggered the beacon prior to being shot. Zero informs them they have only 20 minutes to extract the prisoner before the attack team arrives.

They rush through the ship to find the prisoner in cell 221, bashing any droid that gets in their way.

When they approach the cell, Zero opens the door for them and they find another Twi'lek named Qin -- Xi'an's brother -- who expresses amusement in the irony that the man who had once left him behind (Mando) is now his savior.

Burg pushes Mando into the cell and the crew prides itself in leaving him there. Xi'an says he deserves it, as they leave him.

In the Razor Crest, Zero watches a more clear hologram message from Greef Karga and the Bounty Hunters Guild addressed to Mando explaining the mission ordering Mando to deliver the Jedi baby to the paying client.

On the prison gunship, as the crew tries to deboard, Mando takes advantage of a droid officer walking by his cell. Mando uses an extracting cable tool kept on his suit to catch the droid and pull him to the cell door, where Mando dismembers it. With the controls on the droid's severed arm, Mando manages to open the cell door.

Zero informs the crew that the Mandalorian has escaped. Mando has accessed the ship's controls and begins shutting hall fire doors to entrap the crew and prisoner. The crew gets split in twos when a door closes between them.

Zero observes that he no longer has control of the prison ship and cannot communicate with Mayfeld anymore. He is going to leave the crew to its own devices. He notices the Jedi baby making noises.

Mayfeld -- entrapped with Qin -- orders Xi'an and Burg to find and kill Mando.

Mando locates the tracking beacon.

Qin says he'll see to it that Mayfeld gets triple whatever Ran promised him if he gets them off the prison ship.

Burg and Xi'an split up to find Mando.

Burg enters the cockpit, and Mando -- hidden in the rafters -- attacks him. They fight. 

Burg tries again to remove Mando's helmet. Mando fends him off and into the doorway of the cockpit. Mando closes the vertical door on Burg. But he survives, lifting the door open again. Mando then immediately slams the horizontal door on him, smushing him.

Elsewhere, Mayfeld attacks and destroys more droid officers.

Mando finds Xi'an and they battle. Mando gets her in his grips.

Mayfeld then runs into Mando.

Then Mando finds Qin trying to escape. Qin asks him if he killed the others, and Mando replies that they deserved it. Qin explains  that if he is killed, Mando won't receive his money.

Back in he Razor Crest, Zero finds the Jedi baby and tries to shoot and kill it. But the baby uses the Force, trying to deter the bullet, when Zero goes down from a blaster shot by Mando behind him.

Mando and Jedi baby disembark the prison ship and head back to Ran, where Mando delivers Qin.

Ran asks where the others are. Mando retorts with a comment about the no-questions-asked policy.

Mando departs on the Razor Crest.

Ran uses a com to order the killing of Mando. Qin notices the tracking beacon on his person and asks Ran what it is. 

Mando flies his ship through an attack team of rebel pilots in X-wing fighters approaching Ran's spaceport base. 

Back on the prison ship, Xi'an, Mayfeld, and Burg are seen locked in a cell.

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The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Razor Crest? I can't believe that thing can fly. It's like a Canto Bight slot machine.


Ran: Well, Mayfeld -- he's one of the best triggermen I've ever seen. Former Imperial sharpshooter
Mando: That's not saying much.
Mayfeld: I wasn't a stormtrooper, wise-ass!