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A group of bounty hunters intercept Din the Mandalorian's speederbike on which he carries Boba Fett's armor and The Child. They all fight.

Din wins and continues on with Child, but without the now destroyed speeder bike.

In a cantina, Peli introduces Din to Dr. Mandible.who can help Din connect with someone who can find other Mandalorians.

The contact knows of a Mandalorian covert, The contact will lead him to the others.

But with this deal, the contact gets to travel with Din into the system. With no hyperdrive.

The cargo is a frog lady friend of Peli's spawn who needs her eggs fertilized by the equinox to avoid extinction. Jumping into hyperspace will kill the eggs.

Peli translates Frog Lady's husband is on the estuary moon of Trask in the system of the gas giant, Kol Iben. Her husband has seen the Mandalorians there.

They take off. The Child eats an egg and finds it tasty. How many he steals when nobody is looking is hard to know.

A pilot named Carson flies by in an X-wing and communicates that Din's Razor Crest ship -- along with all other craft -- is now required to run a beacon, and they need him to send them a ping.

Din tries to escape, Carson and another pilot, Wolf -- also in an X-wing -- follow.

The Crest crash lands on a snowy planet and into a large snow pit. The ship is damaged.

Frog Lady urges Din to uphold his part of the deal.

On this planet, they are attacked by spider creatures that grow from pods out of the ground and a huge mama spider creature. They fend them off but mama spider puts more holes in the ship.

Carson and Wolf show up again and help fight off the spider creatures. They tell Din they ran the Razor Crest's tabs and there is a warrant for his arrest for the abduction of prisoner X69-11.

But they also know from footage that he saved lieutenant Davan of the New Republic Correctional Corps.

They do not arrest him. Din manages to pressurize the cockpit so they can launch again without making use of the hull of the Crest.

They take off into space yet again.

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