The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 3
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Din, The Child, and Frog Lady almost burn to a crisp in the Razor Crest as they land through the Trask's atmosphere. Water landing.

Frog Lady reuinites with her husband.

At a local inn, a server, u pon being paid, offers up someone who can help Din find more of his kind.

This contact offers to bring Din to the others via sail, for money.

It was a trap, for on the boat, the native Quarren sailors throw The Childinto the feeding trough of a mamacore, causing Din to dive in after it. They capture them both in an effort to drown them and steal Din's beskar.

A female Mandalorian, Koska Reeves, jets onto the boat to save them. She has two associates with her: Bo-Katan of Clan Kryze and Axe Woves.

But they remove their helmets revealing they are not Mandalorian. Bo-Katan explains the armor has been in her family for three generations..She was born on Mandalore and fought in the Purge. She calls Din a "Child of the Watch," a cult of religious zealots that broke away from Mandalorian society to re-establish the ancient way.

Din and The Child take off.

Back on land, a Quarren accuses Din of killing his brother, and tries to kill The Child. Bo-Katan and associates arrive again to correct him that Bo-Katan killed his brother, and to kill the Quarren and his other brothers.

Over drinks, Bo-Katan explains Trask is a black market port, buying and selling weapons with the plunders of their planet. They are seizing the weapons to retake their planet and seat a new Mandalore on the throne.

Din says the Empire cursed the planet so anyone who goes their dies, since they couldn't control it themselves. Bo-Katan disagrees.They barter with Din to get him to help them on their mission, by offering to introduce him to a Jedi kind, so as to return The Child to the Jedi. mission.

After dropping The Child off with Frog Lady and husband, Din and the others stow away on an Imperial Gozanti freighter that is loaded up with weapons and attack the sotrmtroopers and crew.

Bo-Katan threatens to take the ship. Din contests as he hadn't agreed to this. Bo-Katan needs something that was hers (the darksaber) from the Imperials in order to rule Mandalore and convinces Din to help them, or she won't help him find the Jedi.

The Imperial Captain reports to Moff Gideon he needs backup for another pirate attack, and that much of the ship is gone. It's too late for backup, according to Gideon. Per a pre-conceived plan, the Captain shoots the pilots and commandeers the ship to crash and destroy with the pirates aboard.

Din and he pirates fight their way into the cockpit, taking control of the ship. The Captain kills himself rather than taking Bo-Katan to Moff Gideon, per her threat.

Din picks up The Child and returns to the Crest that has been shoddily fixed for 1000 credits by a local mechanic.

Din and The Child take off yet again.

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