Midge & Susie at the Stage Deli - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 Episode 1
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Midge performs at the Gaslight, talking about wanting epic, glorious revenge. She describes how Shy humiliated her at the airport.

Midge and Susie sit in the taxi, heading back from the airport. Midge starts laughing, then tries to breathe. Susie asks what’s funny. Midge breathes, throws her hat out the window, and starts undressing.

Midge throws her clothes out the window, saying she doesn’t want anything associated with this night in the cab. Midge asks the driver to stop the cab. Midge gets out and throws her skirt into the road. In her underwear, she grabs a tree branch and starts hitting the cab with it. Susie tries to stop her, and they fight.

Susie apologizes for not being there for Midge at the Apollo -- if she had been, none of this would have happened, and she wouldn’t have ended her career. Midge insists the set was great. Susie says she would have bombed in Prague anyway.

Now dressed and back in the cab, Midge and Susie contemplate their next move. Susie asks the driver to take them to the Village. Susie pulls out a flask, and Midge takes a swig.

Back at the Gaslight, Susie grabs some pillows and blankets which she had previously stashed, and they find places to sleep. The cab driver brings in all her suitcases. Midge recounts the first time she met Susie, behind the bar at the Gaslight. Susie finds a bottle of booze on the ground, and they both drink.

It’s early in the morning. Susie snores. Midge can’t sleep. She puts on her shoes and Susie’s coat and goes out for a walk. Midge walks through Washington Square Park and grabs a newspaper from a newsstand. The newspaperman wants her to pay, but there is only garbage in Susie’s coat pockets.

Midge returns to the Gaslight and wakes Susie up. Midge insists on her money. She shows Susie the newspaper -- Shy replaced Midge with Jack Ballard, and knew in advance, which means the humiliation at the airport was intentional.

Midge worries that Moishe will see the paper, which isn’t good. He loaned her the money to get back the apartment, the collateral being the money she’d get from the tour and Christmas special.

Susie asks when Midge bought back the apartment. Midge tells her it was yesterday, as she doesn’t want to live in Queens with her in-laws anymore. Midge asks for her money again, and she wants it today.

Susie says she will have to get her ledger books and check the business expenses. Then she will go to the bank and get the money. Susie goes outside for some fresh air.

Susie runs through Washington Square Park and calls her sister, Tess, from the newsstand. Susie asks about the money from the insurance company. Tess says they could go pick up the check today.

A tough-looking man in a suit -- Li Wei -- stands in Joel’s club. Joel grabs his Chinese-English dictionary and attempts to communicate but fails.

Li Wei leads him downstairs, where Mei and the two owners argue in Mandarin. Joel tries to communicate again, but Mei insists on translating. Joel tells them about all the great things going on for the club, which Mei translates.

The owners are not happy -- they don’t want him to be too successful because it brings too much attention to the club. The owners blame Mei, who insists she did everything she could to make it difficult for him. They tell her not to have any more contact with Joel and that he must leave.

Joel asks why they are mad at her. Mei tells him she was supposed to ensure he failed, but she insists he’s on his side.

A children’s birthday party is happening at Moishe and Shirley’s house. Shirley serves knishes. Abe tries to read, but the kids are curious about his book and remark how his mustache looks like a caterpillar.

The phone rings. Abe gets up to get it, but Shirley beats him to it. It’s Midge. Shirley asks if she’s calling from Prague. Midge notes the sound of liveliness. Shirley tells her they’re celebrating Ethan’s birthday. Midge insists it’s not Ethan’s birthday. Shirley passes the phone over to Abe.

Midge asks why they are celebrating Ethan’s birthday. Abe explains that November wasn’t good for them, so they decided to celebrate now. He says they’re even going to Coney Island. Ethan talks to Midge on the phone, and she wishes him a happy birthday.

Susie and Tess head to the insurance company for their check. Mr. Frick comes out to greet them. He takes them in down a dark, suspicious-looking hallway to meet with Mr. B. Susie and Tess hold hands. They enter a nondescript empty room.

Mr. B arrives, and they all sit down. Mr. B insists they will get the check but first has to ask them questions about the fire and their mom’s death. They give him a few theories. Mr. B explains that there are loose ends that must be tied up before giving them the check.

Tess remarks that Mr. B seems nice. Susie thinks the insurance company will call the cops on them for arson. Tess doesn’t want to go to jail, so Susie suggests Tess get friendly with Mr. B.

Joel and Manny unpack at the factory. Susie shows up. Joel is worried about Midge when he sees Susie. Susie tells him she needs Midge’s money.

Joel reminds her that she told him not to give her the money, but he never even got the money from her in the first place. She asks for a loan, then realizing it’s a lost cause, she leaves.

Susie drinks in a bar, staring at a calendar with a picture of a forest. Alfie, a magician, performs some sleight-of-hand tricks for free drinks. He plays with Susie for fun, but she gets frustrated.

Alfie hypnotizes her into imagining she is someplace different -- the forest from the calendar. When she “returns,” Alfie has a drink that she apparently bought him.

At Coney Island, the Maisels and Weissmans head towards the Wonder Wheel while Abe complains about everything they’ve been doing. Shirley hands out ice cream to the kids (Ethan, Petey, and Jacob).

Moishe asks Joel about the club, and Joel tells him about his issues. Moishe tells him that money can solve everything. Zelda is having a great time taking photos of everything.

Joel phones Mei and tells her to let the owners know they can get a 10% cut. She says she’ll tell them 5% so they can bargain up to 10%. She promises she’ll still come around. Mei also tells him he is getting a good deal on the rent, and it will go up soon. She says she’ll see him tonight.

Midge arrives at Coney Island. The Maisels and the Weissmans get in line for the Wonder Wheel. Rose mentions she has a call with a client. Abe complains that people today are so lazy that they need matchmakers. Rose reminds him that they met through a matchmaker, which he refuses to believe.

Midge appears, surprising everyone. She wants to talk with them, but they are all getting on the Wonder Wheel. Midge cuts in line and gets on, too.

On the Wonder Wheel, Midge explains -- via yelling through the various cages on the Wonder Wheel -- that she was fired from the tour. As her lender, Moishe is disturbed to hear this. Joel is shocked that his father lent Midge money.

Moishe reminds Midge of the collateral. Midge explains that she bought her and Joel’s old apartment, which surprises Joel. Abe is confused, and Rose tries to explain. Midge loves that apartment and wants her kids to grow up in it.

Abe insists that Sonya was not a matchmaker, but Rose insists that she was. Midge assures Moishe she will get him his money.

Midge is the first off the Wonder Wheel, frustrated. Zelda takes a picture.

Joel’s club is hopping. Archie complains to Joel about Imogene. Li Wei makes his presence known. Joel grabs an envelope full of cash and gives it to Li Wei. Susie appears, and Joel takes her in back.

Joel tells Susie that Midge needs her money because she bought back the apartment with money she borrowed from his father. Susie claims that Midge did it when her back was turned.

Joel writes Susie a check so she can, in turn, write one for Midge. Before he hands it over, he wants to know from Susie precisely what happened with Midge’s money.

At the birthday dinner, Midge stares down at her suitcases.

At the Stage Deli, Susie gives Midge a check, and they talk about business moving forward. Eugene interrupts them, pointing out a disparaging article about Midge in the paper.

After Eugene leaves them alone, Midge tells Susie that the Apollo gig was actually funny, which leads her to realize that her best gigs and sets were the epic ones where she just riffed without preparation.

Midge declares that she wants to be herself on stage for every show. She will no longer do opening act gigs. She wants to be a headliner, like Lenny Bruce. Susie says that’s not how the business works. Midge declares that they must change the business.

At the Gaslight, Midge finishes up her set with the proclamation that a voice is a powerful thing and that she can’t do anything if she keeps her mouth shut. She gets a standing ovation.

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Susie: Tess, I have seen you let your tit fall out of your shirt for a free beer.
Tess: Imported beer.

That’s life. Shit happens. You should be a bigger man and just let it go. Well, I’m a woman so, fuck that.

Miriam "Midge" Maisel