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Lisbon and Jane begin investigation at the mayor’s groundbreaking ceremony. The killer wanted the body to be discovered here. The murdered body is a woman named Martha Saint Claire who was an assistant to the mayor.

Jane does his unusual investigating by sniffing the body because he can smell smoke. He saw a nicotine patch and realized that the murder victim was under stress before she died. Lisbon notices that the body was wearing a necklace that was torn off. 

Back at the CBI headquarters, the team is getting interviewed by a documentary filmmaker, Mike, who wants to put together an special about the CBI to get him a position as a T.V. reporter. Everyone is not happy about it, but they know that the CBI could use the good PR.

Lisbon and Peter head to the mayor’s office to question her about the murder of Martha. The mayor, Melba Shannon, tells them that she believes that the killer is a guy named Jasper. He is an extreme green peace activist that has sent Melba many disgruntled video tapes about her construction on preserved lands.

Something about Melba rubs Jane the wrong way. He can tell that she wasn’t sad at all by Martha’s death, in fact, she looks even happy. Melba’s other assistant, Wilson, shows them Martha’s desk. He said that Saint Claire didn’t have a boyfriend and lived alone.

Chow and Rigsby  head to investigate Mr. Krupp. During the investigation, someone throws a Molotov cocktail through the window and blocks the exit door. They are trapped, but are able to break through the window and escape.

Lisbon and Jane go back to visit the mayor to ask more questions. They find out that Saint Claire actually had a lover and Wilson misguided them.

Back at the CBI headquarters, the interviewing is more like a nuisance to the unit then anything else. The questions are invasive and especially for Jane, brings back awful memories for him about the last time he was on  television.  Jane apologizes for snapping at the reporters and offers to take them out for lunch. Just before they start to grub down, a van comes speeding in and kidnaps Jane.

It is Jasper and his following. They kidnap him to send a message. Lisbon and crew find Jane in an abandoned warehouse. Fortunately, he is unharmed.  They figure out that Jasper is really Wilson, Melba’s other assistant.

With Mike and his film crew in tow, the CBI unit are about to raid Wilson/Jasper’s home, Jane gets Mike to admit that he is the killer. Jane figured it out by the way Mike looked away when the body was found - which made it clear to Jane that he already new that Saint Claire’s body was there.

Mike wanted to frame Jasper and the killer and leave Martha’s necklace in his apartment.  He said he killed her because she was taunting him in an argument - saying that he would never amount to anything.

Back at the headquarters, Rigsby and Van Pelt come out of the closet about their relationship. No one is surprised, except for Lisbon who doesn’t know what to do with the information.

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The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Chief Donner: Is he sniffing her?
Lisbon: Yes
Chief Donner: You pay him to sniff people?

California Bureau of Interference that's what you are.

Chief Donner