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Van Pelt is walking down a deserted alley.  She asks a mysterious Mr. Black to kill Rigsby.

Shoot to 36 hours earlier when Rigsby, Lisbon, and Jane head to a murder scene.  A woman named Kelly Flowers is shot point blank.

The next morning Hightower investigates the gang. There are no leads and it is apparent that there is a rift between Rigsby and Van Pelt. Hightower brings in the murder victims file. Mark Odenthal is the leading prosecuter on the case.

Cho and Van Pelt go to see Mr. Hank Draber who was on the list. He is a smuggler who had done things like conspiracy to commit murder. They also meet with his mother who is wheelchair bound.  Meanwhile, Jane and Lisbon go to visit the murder victim’s husband and they meet a contractor named Sylvan who is standing on a huge blood stain. Sylvan barely reacts.

Jane believes that Sylvan is a psychopath and that he was the one who committed the murder.  The CBI team does a bit of investigation and finds out that Sylvan has been connected to several deaths in the past – and he has changed his name more often than not.  Yet, there is no legal proof that they can charge him on.

Jane is noticeably upset – he and Cho go to survey Sylvan’s home. He tells Cho that he is going for a walk.

Back at the station, Van Pelt finds a number for a Mr. Black and uses Rigsby’s picture as bate. This brings us back to current time when Van Pelt meet with Mr. Black.  They capture Silvin for the murder of Kelly. They realize that the murderer is Silvin. He is not a serial killer, but a hit man.

At court, Jane is being questioned for setting Silvin up because he broke into Silvin’s place and left a handprint on one of his coffee mugs. Because of Jane’s irresponsible actions, the defense attorney was able to get the video of Mr. Flowers death thrown out for lack of evidence.

Lisbon gets knocked off the case for not being able to control Jane and Odenthal is understandably mad at Jane.  Lisbon puts Cho in charge of the case. Jane works his charm on Cho and convinces him to go to a local coffee shop Silvin’s home.

Jane uses him wits again and finds a couple non meaningful items and some sand.  The sand helps them find Silvan’s second home. As they are about to arrest him, he gets shot and killed.

Jane calls Lisbon to meet him at the docks at Draber’s office. Jane is able to conclude that Draber’s mother, Annabelle is running the show.  Because he nicely points this out, Annabelle gets them taken away.  Lisbon is a bit nervous, but they see someone approaching and are able to escape. 

Back at court, Jane obtains a warrant for Annabelle’s arrest.  He angers the judge and gets himself thrown in jail. This greatly angers the prosecutor as well.

The next day in court, Jane acts as his own attorney. Jane manages to get Odenthal to confess that he knows his way around guns.

Before Odenthal can leave, he is arrested, and after a brief search they find the gun that killed Sylvan.

Odenthal explains that he set up the hit on Flowers because she got the position as DA. 

Hightower reinstates Lisbon back into her position. The episode ends with Lisbon going to a shooting range to release some pent up anger.

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The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

My point - there is nothing wrong with revenge.


Nobody gets away with killing a cop, judge, or a DA.