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Let's rundown this week's episode:


- Jane is kidnapped, taken to a basement and handcuffed to a pole.  The CBI team scrambles to find him.

- Fred, the man who abducted Jane, is shot and killed by his accomplice, Rachel.  She is the daughter of Don Bowman.  Three years earlier, Jane used Rachel to trick Bowman into confessing to murder.  Bowman later died in prison.

- Rachel says she plans to kill Jane but wants to hurt him first.  She then proceeds to torture him with an electric cattle prod.

- The car used to abduct Jane is found abandoned and set on fire.  Since the fire never reached the glove compartment, Rigsby manages to find a fingerprint belonging to Fred.

- Rigsby and O’Loughlin interview Fred’s father.  He tells them about a family hunting cabin.

- Jane tricks Rachel into moving Fred’s body closer to him.  He then manages to get a penknife out of Fred’s pocket.  He tries to unlock his cuffs but is unsuccessful.

- Rachel kidnaps Lisbon and cuffs her in the basement next to Jane.  She plans to set the house on fire and have them both burn inside, knowing that watching Lisbon die will make it that much more painful for Jane.

- Jane and Lisbon try to trick Rachel into thinking he’s stabbed Lisbon so she wouldn’t suffer in the fire.  When Rachel gets close enough they try and take her gun but Jane is too weak from being cattle prodded earlier and Rachel gets loose.

- The CBI team arrives and Hightower shoots and kills Rachel, stopping her from shooting Jane and Lisbon.

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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

It's a good thing when homicide detectives get bored.


Maybe you can just shove him in a corner before he starts to smell.