The Mentalist Review: "Ball of Fire"

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We were treated to another great episode of The Mentalist this week. Multiple shootings, two kidnappings, a car fire and a cattle prod?  That’s a lot to pack into one hour.

It was wonderful seeing the whole CBI crew working as a team on "Ball of Fire," as they set out to find Jane.  Each member had his/her unique role to play.  I liked the nod to Rigsby’s time working arson investigations in San Diego.  It made sense that he’d find something in the burned car that Agent O’Loughlin missed.

Farm Stand Kidnapping

When Grace had to look through Jane’s desk and found the secret note taped to the top of the drawer that said “Stop Looking Inside My Desk,”  I had to laugh.

Rigsby and O’Loughlin worked well together.  They’re obviously both professionals, but what was with O’Loughlin’s reaction to Rigsby telling him not to hurt Grace? O’Loughlin’s response (Or what?) came off as cocky to me.  It’s the first time the character has given me a reason not to like him.

Lisbon was noticeably shaken by Jane’s abduction, but recovered well once the investigation was on its way.

As for Jane, he never apologized to Rachel or lied or begged for his life, even while being cattle prodded.  Speaking of her father, Jane said :“He was a thief and a murderer and I did everything I could to catch him.”  Does that make him smart, reckless or just plain arrogant?  I’m really not sure.

My favorite scene was the banter at the end between Lisbon and Jane.  Relieved to be alive and happy to be in one another’s company, they joked about solving cases without him, fruit, and cattle prods.  How can you not love that?

Ball of Fire Review

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