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On this installment of The Mentalist...

- Amber Sutherland is shot to death in her home.  She was filming a documentary about Ronald Crosswhite who was indicted for murdering his wife but was let go due to a technicality.  He swears he’s innocent.

- CBI finds one of Amber’s cameras in Ronald’s garage and they issue a warrant for his arrest.  Ron panics and takes everyone at City Hall hostage, including Jane who was there to pay a speeding ticket.  Ron wants his wife's murder case reopened and the real killer found.

- The Police Chief wants his team to storm the building.  After a jurisdictional struggle, Lisbon uses a reporter to convince Director Bertram to let CBI take over the hostage situation.

- Jane realizes that Ron isn’t guilty.  He feels guilty because he was out that night smoking, something he told his wife he had quit.  Jane comes up with a plan to trap the real killer.

- Ron turns himself in.  Jane says Amber left an envelope on mayor's desk with information on Ginger Crosswhite’s murder.  The Police Chief says he must have been mistaken, he found no envelope.  Jane asks to check the Chief’s vest since he knows the envelope was there.  Jane planted it.

- The Chief confesses that he hit on Ginger Crosswhite.  She rejected him and he killed her.  Amber Sutherland realized he had tampered with video evidence to make Ron Crosswhite appear guilty so he killed her as well.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Officer: I'd like an apology.
Jane: Oh really. Dream bigger pal. You're not going to get one from me.

Aren't we all part of the Justice League? Do you think Aquaman would give Batman a ticket?