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-Ted Fisher, a repair shop owner and former mercenary, is murdered during a break in. His apartment is also ransacked.  The killer didn't find what they were looking for.

-The CBI team finds two private security agents searching for something in Fisher's shop. Neither will admit to what they were looking for.

-An irate man from Iraq calls Fisher's cell. He wants the money Fisher took from his parents in Iraq.

-A CBI team tears the shop apart but finds nothing. When Jane tells Fisher's girlfriend Heather that he thinks the Persian rug they're standing on is worth $2 million, she offers to split the profits if he doesn't call it in to CBI.

-When Jane refuses, Heather tries to kill him and is captured. She killed Fisher when he refused to share the money with her.

-Jane hires Culpepper, a thief to break into LaRoche's home and obtain the list of suspects from the Todd Johnson case. He believes one of them is connected to Red John.  Culpepper is caught before he finds the list and threatens to out Jane if he doesn't get the charges dropped.

-Jane confesses what he's done to Lisbon.  She hits Culpepper in front of his attorney when he insults her.  Culpepper is released and the charges are dropped.  LaRoche suspends Lisbon for one week and enrolls her in a six month anger management class.  Jane says thank you. 

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

That's just snitching. Isn't that against your code of honor?


I can't believe this level of hostility.