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-A mob boss' son is murdered in a hot tub at a party. As Grace escorts a hooker from the party back to CBI, she is ambushed by the killer and her car crashes into the woods, leaving them stranded.

-As search teams look for Grace, the CBI team searches for the killer. The mob boss, Mr. Porchetto is dying of cancer. Jane gets him drunk and he quickly passes out and is rushed to the hospital where Jane and Lisbon make his family believe he's died.

-Porchetto's enforcer, Curtis tries to step in and take over the family business. Turns out he killed the son in order to be able to take over once the father died.

-Grace begins seeing her dead fiance, Craig O'Laughlin in the woods. She asks why he worked for Red John and why she didn't see it. He says she can't be satisfied with only seeing part of the truth. 

-The killer tracks them and Grace shoots him. Then the hooker turns out to be the killer's accomplice and tries to kill Grace as well. Grace fights her off just as Rigsby comes to her rescue. 

-Back at CBI, Wayne and Grace share a heartfelt embrace just as his girlfriend Sarah arrives. Wayne tries to explain but Sarah cuts him off telling him she's pregnant.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Cho: They brought in hookers for entertainment.
Jane: Good, wholesome fun.

It's beautiful out here although they could use a little more signage.