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-Marnie Green, a local police chief is found shot to death. Her body was dumped from her police cruiser after the killer ran it into a tree.

-Lisbon runs into her brother Tommy and his 14 year old daughter Annie.  Tommy is working as a bounty hunter and Lisbon thinks he's in over his head.  When he goes after a fugitive, he causes Cho to be hit by a car and injured.  Lisbon is furious.

-Chief Green had gone looking for a local drug addict at a cabin the day she died.  Lisbon goes to the cabin and finds the addict shot to death.

-Jane makes it appear as though Carmine, the fugitive Tommy is chasing could have witnessed the murder.  Then he lets several key players know that Tommy is transporting the fugitive.

-Chad, the hotel manager tells Tommy he'll pay him to take Carmine to Mexico.  Turns out Chad was the drug dealer and when the Chief interrupted a sale, he shot and killed her. Jane and Lisbon overhear. When Chad is cornered he tries to take Tommy hostage.  Annie hits the fire alarm as a distraction and both Tommy and Lisbon take Chad down.

-Lisbon tells Tommy she's worried about him but she may be wrong about his new profession and gives him her support.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Rigsby's a nice easy mark if you want to keep practicing.


Lisbon: Taking your 13 year old daughter along as backup is professional?
Tommy: She's 14.