The Mentalist Review: A Family Reunion with Firepower

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"Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien" gave us the murder of a police chief, which quickly turned into a Lisbon family reunion. Of course, this get-together took place while all parties either had weapons drawn or their hands in the air but hey, family's family.

Poor Teresa. She was so terrified that her brother was going to screw up and get himself hurt or killed that she couldn't even admit to the possibility that he might be good at his new profession.

The best scene of the night was watching Jane give Annie pick pocket lessons. It was both sweet and funny. Jane's always so much fun to watch interact with kids.

Lisbon and Brother

Then Jane almost blatantly called Teresa on her judgmental attitude toward her brother but she was too worked up to even notice.

I was a little disappointed that Jane and Lisbon interacted so little in this episode. I thought her issues with her brother would have been the perfect excuse for Jane to weasel his way into her personal life. Or at least for him to push their friendship and point out that her concern about Tommy's new profession had to do with being hurt that he hadn't told her about it or fear of him being injured. But we barely got any of Jane's insights. Instead he ran around without Lisbon as he tried to expose the killer.

Even at the end, when brother and sister made up and Teresa was left close to tears, I expected Jane to walk in and at least offer her a spot of tea. Instead we got a fade to black and it felt like a real missed opportunity between these two characters.

On the up side, I loved when Jane quipped "Nicely done Lisbon, family" as brother, sister, and niece all worked together to take down our murderer.

Moving on to the rest of our CBI crew... it was nice to see Grace looking more stable - and with better hair. Jane was the only one to pick up on her need to feel in control by taking the sleazy Russian down. It turned out to be a little bit of Jane-approved therapy for Grace. 

Loved Van Pelt and Rigsby's conversation about love. Rigsby was hesitant to even use the word when it came to his new girlfriend, Sarah, and Grace admitted that given her recent history, she'd be the last person to ask for advice. For once these old lovers acted like real friends.

Oh, poor Cho! I couldn't believe it when he got hit by that car. Tommy certainly didn't come off like the brightest guy in the world when he called over to ask if Cho was okay. The man was lying on the pavement, moaning after getting smacked by a moving vehicle. I'm pretty sure the answer to that question was no.

Due to his accident we barely got any screen time with Cho, which is always a let down. As for the Cho deadpan line of the night, we were only given one option as he hobbled over to his desk:

Rigsby: Doctor say what the problem is?
Cho: Yeah. Getting hit by a car. | permalink

Even with minimal scenes, Cho manages to be delightful.

On a side note I have to give a special mention to the actress who played Jori Kasser. Her brief moment as the mother of a missing drug addict was heartbreaking. Her concern for her son coupled with the fear that he may have had something to do with the murder was more moving than I expected.

The murderer's "I had to kill them because Daddy didn't pay me enough" defense was pretty lame but I liked how Patrick figured out he was a coke addict. But Patrick's assurances to Lisbon about her brother being safe flew out the window when the killer held the gone to his head. Oops. I don't think Jane saw that one coming.

Overall, this was an entertaining episode that fell a little short for me. Were my hopes too high for this family reunion? Let me know what you think.

Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien Review

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