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-Rigsby's father is found shot near the site of Andy Huff's murder.  He was most likely shot by the same man

-When his father leaves the hospital with a bullet still in his chest. Rigsby finds him at a bar.  The two talk and Rigsby show's him a picture of his son before he collapses and dies.

-Jane weaves a story that brings the two town drug lords to the local gym for a meeting. They both realize the gym owner, Fletcher Moss fed them both misinformation and killed Huff  in the hopes that the drug lords would kill one another and he could take over their business.

-When Huff flees, Rigsby tracks him down. When Huff shoots, Rigsby kills him.

-Agent LaRoche investigates Rigsby's shooting.  He clears him but tells Jane he knows he set this up so Rigsby could take down his father's killer.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

It's the man who watches the watchman.


Repeat after me, little man. I will not throw food at Tina again.