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Carol and Kip are enjoying Chinese food and watching TV. They decide to make it even more fun by playing Boink Marry Kill. Cut to Nathan sitting there, looking miserable. He leaves and says he's no longer going to eat dinner with them.

Adam and Nathan are trying to help Tom figure out why his bank balance is off. Carol gets upset that he's spending their money. Debbie suggests they finally formalize their divorce and separate their money. Nathan is upset because this is the best the family has ever functioned.

Tom and Carol decide to make their divorce official, so Nathan prepares everything. Debbie brings Tom and Carol bring Kip to sign the paperwork at Nathan's. Ray plies both Tom and Carol with cocktails to keep them happy, which they are, until they discover it's a no-fault divorce.

They both blame each other for the divorce and until the paperwork appropriately reflects that, they refuse to sign it. Tom goes back to Debbie's house,and Carol says she's moving back in with him. Debbie and her family spend the night with Nathan.

The next day, Nathan, Debbie and Kip return to her home to see how Tom and Carol are doing. The living room is destroyed and they race upstairs to find Tom and Carol in bed together.

According to Tom and Carol, they tried their hardest to make each other mad, but discovered that they had both changed a lot in the past year. The things that used to annoy them about one another were gone. They want to give their marriage another try to Nathan and Debbie's shock.

To convince them it's a mistake, they play the Wrongly Wed Game with Adam and Debbie, Ray and Nathan and Tom and Carol. Tom and Carol get every answer wrong but the last one. Soon they start bickering again and decide that they should divorce. 

As they sign the paperwork, they both admit that it's sad their marriage has come to an end, even if it's right. They decide to hold a formal uncoupling at McGee's Banquet. Nathan presides over the uncoupling as Tom and Carol remove their wedding rings and Nathan declares them divorced. Tom and Carol have one last final dance together.

The Millers
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