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Mindy tries to adjust to work with Danny following their breakup. She runs into a medical idol of hers, played by Anna Gunn, who tries to lure her away from her practice with a job opportunity. Peter's sister Sally visits the office and flirts with Danny. Peter tells him to stay away from her. Jeremy and the other doctors are no impressed with Mindy's celebrity encounter. Jeremy is instead excited to show off their new mobile medical center. Mindy gets caught sneaking around on her coworkers. She ends up not taking the job though because she would have to abandon her clients. She later realizes she was just being interviewed because of her ethnicity. The guys try to administer free breast exams in Spanish Harlem and things heat up until Mindy comes in and saves te day. The guys agree to let her drive home resulting in an accident.

The Mindy Project
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The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Historically breakups do not bring out the best in me.


The closest I've ever had to a celebrity patient was, do you remember Trishelle from Real World, Road Rules Inferno? Her mom was a patient.