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Mindy and Ben go through their first real relationship hurdle on The Mindy Project Season 5 Episode 7, Revenge of the Nurses, when Mindy runs into her ex, Jamie (played by BJ Novak) and starts to wonder about Ben's ambitions.

At Jamie's book reading, Mindy is embarrassed to admit that Ben is a nurse, and after she finds out The Today Show is looking for a nurse correspondent, she gets him the job. Ben quickly turns into a meme after his appearance, and Mindy is proud of his new fame. Ben, however, is uninterested in being on TV and tries to tell her that he does not want to go back the next day.

After he doesn't show up for his second day on the job, Morgan is forced to fill in and does a less than stellar job with his segment on lotion. Mindy is angry that Ben blew off the appearance and isn't calling her back. At the party to celebrate Morgan's Today Show cameo, Mindy gets drunk and kisses Jamie. Ben sees the end of the kiss and the two get into a fight, which results in Ben breaking up with Mindy after he figures out that she is ashamed that he is just a nurse.


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I already have TV experience. I was featured on Sports Center when I fell off the second deck at a Braves game.


I'll check that out, the minute I finish this tweet I'm reading.