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Nathalie notices a young man with a giant butterfly tattoo on his back in the church.

Adrian shines his camera's light into Connor's face.

Everybody is just sitting around trying to pass time.

Adrian is worried everyone is is dead. Kevin assures him they are not. They just need to get out of there.

Eve and Alex sit in front of the mall doors talking. Alex is still an indignant, rude and very teenage girl.

The Mayor is helping Jay cut down the two people who hung themselves. They are falling into carts. As the girl falls, the security guard notices the girl is Army. So is the fellow. Why the hell is the military here?

The three of them roll the victims out in front of the mall patrons. Gus suggests the victims go into the supermarket kitchen and everyone else be searched for dog tags. One kid starts slinking away.

He screams that he is a private and knows nothing. Everyone else believes the two killed themselves because they know what's happening out there.

Nathalie thanks the butterfly fellow for helping her with the wine the previous day. He wonders what she thinks is happening. They begin talking about Black Spring. It was their version of Santa. If they don't behave, they'll be torn apart alive.

He spent six years in jail for doing some pretty awful things. If that's the case, he'd be the first one gone. Nathalie points him in the direction of Benedict, pretty much assuring him it's not picking off people by way of their past behavior.

Kevin tries to appeal to Connor by way of extraordinary circumstances. That's when Connor reveals Mia is wanted for murder. After Kevin says Connor arrests people because he feels important and likes to arrest people, Connor does just that, taking Mia and Bryan to the basement.

When Mia begins looking for her pills, Bryan decides against keeping them from her and unlocks her cuffs. He thinks they should trust each other.

Eve finally gets a "thanks" from Alex when she suggests they set up camp elsewhere so Alex isn't so close to Jay.

The arcade idiots decide to use the bodies as bait to see what shows up.

Bryan reveals to Mia that he remembers nothing before the mist. She thinks that makes him the lucky one.

Kevin tries to talk to Mia and she plays indignant when asked if she knows how to hot wire a car.

Adrian's lower liner has remained remarkably untouched under the circumstances. My own would not have lasted so well.

The Father talks to Adrian about his mother having sought refuge in the church when she needed unconditional love. Adrian says God doesn't love a faggot. Father disagrees, but suggests baptism and the conversation takes an awkward turn. It only gets worse when Connor interrupts with his views on Adrian's guilt over lying about Jay.

Adrian says he tried to intervene with Alex, but Jay's friends stopped him. Connor says it's a lie because nothing happened. When Kevin intervenes in this argument, Connor pulls the like mother like daughter crap and arrests Kevin, tossing him into the dungeon.

At the mall, Vic and his cohort roll the carts onto the pavement while Eve leaves Alex alone in a party shop.

For an inexplicable reason, Jay stalked Alex there and wants to talk. She wants to go, but he'll only let her after he talks. He needs her to believe him.

Jay says he took her upstairs, took off her shoes, put a blanket on her and left her alone to sleep it off. He wants to touch her hands to prove he can let her go and nothing will happen. It's very passive aggressive and cruel, but I understand his motives.

Nathalie has decided to die. She's calling it going home and her new friend pleads with her to please go back into the church. A moth flies into his ear and he begs Nathalie to get it off of his back.

It goes breaks through his back and becomes wings. It's the terrible preview we've seen before the series began. It's very sad because he's a good kid.

Nathalie just asks continually if everyone saw it. She doesn't want to die anymore. She's seen it. She's seen God. Father assures her that wasn't God, and she replies it wasn't his God.

When Eve returns to Alex, she discovers Jay was there. Don't worry, you won't have to worry much more about Jay.

The Private cannot believe Vic and the other idiot put the soldiers outside. They were just trying to help.

Father is trying to understand what God is telling everyone. Of course, he thinks God is trying to ask for belief in him. Someone challenged God to try to take away Job's faith. What asshole was that? Satan. It's a shame God felt compelled to gamble with God.

Sadly, it's that screwed up story that entices Adrian to baptism.

Gus gathers the patrons to create rules to live by inside the mall. When one fellow decides breaking the rules would result in being thrust outside, some decide to break away from the group.

Jay then gets angry asking Alex to tell Eve he didn't hurt her. When he approaches Alex, Eve pulls a gun.

When Adrian gets inside the Father's chamber, he kind of gets into the process, screaming he's a sinner and repenting. But it's all a game to get close to Father's pocket so he can steal his keys. But hey, God loves him!

Eve and the new group are setting up. Eve walks in angry at Alex for red balloons, only to discover she's sending help messages.


The Mist
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The Mist Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Nathalie: I never thanked you for helping me out yesterday with the wine.
Butterfly: Yeah, helping people drink. That's a talent of mine.

Gus: Why would they kill themselves?
Security Guard: Because they know what's happening out there.