She did a bad thing. A person who did a bad thing is not the worst to have around at the moment.


Who's pointless now, bitch?


Nathalie: Did you see it?
Connor: Yes, yes, yes. But why did you go out there?
Nathalie: Because I wanted to die.
Father: Mrs. Raven, please.
Nathalie: It's OK. I don't want to die anymore. I'm happy. I've seen God.
Father: Mrs. Raven, you are in shock. Please. That wasn't God!
Nathalie: Oh, I'm not talking about your God.

Gus: Why would they kill themselves?
Security Guard: Because they know what's happening out there.

Nathalie: I never thanked you for helping me out yesterday with the wine.
Butterfly: Yeah, helping people drink. That's a talent of mine.

Kevin: Do you by any chance know how to hot wire a car?
Mia: What? Because I was in jail I know how to how wire a car? What? Do you want to ask the black guy next?
Kevin: Sorry, sorry.
Mia: It's OK. Of course, I do.

Mike: I've just been thinking a lot about Revelations.
Father: I think we should think less and pray more.

Adrian: Where's Connor?
Kevin: He's gone. That asshole left us here.

Kevin: Adrian, are you OK?
Adrian: I'm fine. How's my hair?

Nathalie: Do you know that if the bees die, humanity will only have four years left?
Kevin: I'm sorry. I don't know. Maybe he's still here, in spirit.
Nathalie: Oh Kevin, you're smarter than that. There is no spirit. There's nature. There is here and not here. And he's not here.

Bryan: Baby doll.
Mia: What?
Bryan: Baby doll. The old lady outside. She called you her baby doll. I saw her, too.

Oh, I'm pretty sure Eric here knows what porn is seeing as how I caught him watching it on his phone the other day. You pathetic bitch.