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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 15, Laura and her team investigate the recent murder of a woman named Viviana. It leads them to a wealthy penthouse and they find out Viviana was a nanny and the boy she was watching is now missing. They soon find out the boy is with his father and when they bring him in and they find out he had nothing to do with her murder, but the son is able to offer some information about Viviana going to the gym. The investigates a locker at her gym and they find out she was working as an escort and they interview another nanny who was also in the escort ring with her and they are led to a website which offers up the women for a certain price. They go to a mixer they throw every month and find out Viviana was possibly going to get married, but when they bring the man in for questioning they find out he was reading reviews about her on a website and didn't know about her being an escort and came to the mixer to get his ring back. The team than goes through the reviews on the website and they notice a pattern of the same reviews over and over again which leads them to a woman named Charlotte who is able to provide a video of Viviana getting into a car right before she was murdered. Laura immediately knows who her killer is and it turns out to be a man she was blackmailing at the Brazilian consulate. 

The Mysteries of Laura
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