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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 20, Laura finds out Jake has introduced Angela, his girlfriend, to the boys and isn't happy with it. Laura doesn't want him bringing around random women because it will confuse the boys, but Jake surprises her by saying Angela is a serious girlfriend and she isn't just some flash in the pan. Laura voices her frustration with Tony and Billy who both take Jake's side and they agree that Laura needs to cut Jake some slack. Billy tells Laura if she has no plans to get back together with Jake, she needs to let him move on and date other people. Laura eventually agrees with them and lets Jake know it's OK if he has Angela around the boys. Later, she finally introduces the boys to Tony who they seem to already have a strong liking to him.

The case of the week revolved around a club kid named Zach who moonlighting as a drug dealer and involved with the wrong people. Laura and Billy go to break the news to Zach's brother Brian who takes it extremely hard, but doesn't seemed surprised by Zach being involved with drugs. As the team investigates further, they find out Zach may have been involved with armed robbery, but they are surprised to find out it was his girlfriend Jillian who was committing the robberies, but it leads them to the killer which turns out to be Zach's brother. Brian murdered his brother because he was disappointed with the things he was doing and felt like this was the only thing he could do. 

The Mysteries of Laura
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The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Jake: Did I miss something or is it be annoyed with Jake day?
Laura: Perceptive!

Laura: Frankie is rolling on Molly.
Max: One, you don't say rolling on Molly, you just say rolling. Two, Frankie is rolling is the best moment of my life.