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The first episode of started with a police chase while this time, they grabbed the audience by staging a murder.

--Jake finally signed the divorce papers but is still clearly hung up on Laura. She is thankfully smart enough to know that, once a cheater always and cheater and tells Jake that he needs to be her boss and nothing else. 

--Jake and Billy start a bromance that is dead before it really begins. Thanks to Billy's allegiance to Laura, he wants to stickily be working "friends" with Jake and that he will always choose Laura over him. Nice to see Billy be a on Laura's side!

--We get to see Laura kick some butt tonight but we also get to see her softer side when she talks to a rape victim. 

--Laura goes on a variety of interesting dates in search of the killer. Apparently, she is extremely picky.


The Mysteries of Laura
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Hey five minute rule!


Captain Booty, 9 o'clock!