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In The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 1 we're introduced to Laura, a single mother who is working for the police department in New York City.

--Jake, Laura's soon to be ex, refuses to sign the divorce papers because he wants another chance even though he cheated on Laura. 

--Laura's twin boys are rambunctious and she refers to them as criminals because of how misbehaved they are. This causes them to get kicked out of preschool and Laura has to scramble to find a new one.

--A man named Eric Walden is getting death threats and when Laura and Captain Howser investigates, Eric doesn't want their help. After they leave, Eric is found dead in his house and the wife is the main suspect.

--As Laura is investigating the crime, she comes upon the realization that it wasn't the wife that killed Eric but it was in fact Captain Howser. The captain's wife died a month ago and he found out she was having an affair with Eric Walden, he was the one sending the death threats and he was the one that killed him.

--After Jake lets Laura know that he got the boys into a preschool, thanks to a friend, it is announced that he is the new Captain. 

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