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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 17, Laura and her team investigate the recent murder of a sorority pledge named Caroline. The team immediately thinks the sorority had something to do with the murder and they send Frankie and Meredith to go investigate at the house. While at the house, they learn the other girls are surprised to hear about Caroline's death, but the house mother, Michelle, isn't happy about the cops being there. 

Meredith and Frankie look into the sorority house more and find some incriminating texts from a woman named Sloan which stated they would make sure Caroline would never get into the sorority. Further investigation showed the texts didn't actually originate from Sloan, but were actually sent from Michelle. Michelle is brought in for questioning, but denies killing Caroline and eventually it's found out Michelle and the girls in the sorority had nothing to do with Caroline's death.

The team looks into Caroline more and they find out she was an intern at a tech start-up and she was slowly making her way up the ranks. When interviewing the people there they meet a woman named Linda who thinks Ben may have had something to do with Caroline's murder because they were constantly fighting and working on a potential app which could make them billions. When they bring Ben in for questioning he denies having anything to with her murder and says he owes his career to Caroline because she helped him get noticed on a popular tech blog which was being supposedly written by Caroline, but Meredith and Laura figure out it was being written by Linda.

When Linda is caught, after trying to make a run for it, she admits she wrote the blog pretending to be Caroline and expose the affair Caroline was having with one of the CEO's of the startup she was working for. Linda denies having anything do with the murder, but when it's found out Caroline was having an affair with her boss, Laura immediately does some digging into the CEO's and finds out one of the guys, Harry, had motive to kill Caroline. Laura, Frankie and Meredith interrogate Harry and explain they know exactly how he managed to killed Caroline and still be in another place at the same time.

The Mysteries of Laura
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Farting does not qualify as show and tell.


Alicia: There ain't nothing wrong with a cute white boy. I had a thing for Kevin Costner, myself.
Tony: Thanks. I think.