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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 18, Laura and Billy are examining the body of a recently murdered sailor which leads them to the naval ships. On the ship, Laura and Billy are trying to get information but the Navy isn't being forthcoming with information and feels like it's not the NYPD's place to investigate the murder. Laura pretends to be nauseous and convinces them to let her go use the restroom before she gets sick on the ship. While she goes away she decides to snoop around in the murdered officers bunk and finds some bloody towels, but before she can snoop some more she is apprehended by a couple of officers who take her and Billy straight to the captain of the ship. 

The captain lets them know they have no business thinking one of his guys did the murder and he would appreciate if they showed some respect. Later at the station, Laura and Billy are called into Jake's office and he informs them the towels they found had shark blood on them and the captain of the ship doesn't want them snooping around anymore. Laura comes up with the idea to interview the sailors who are off the ship by going to the local bars which are advertising specials for fleet week. Meredith and Frankie do some digging around and found out of the murdered officer was in a relationship with a woman named Nancy, but when they go to find her they realize she is pretending to be a completely different woman.

When they bring Nancy in for questioning they find out she had been having cyber relationships with various sailors, but they also found out she had some mental illness and thinks there are people constantly watching her. Laura brings in Nancy's doctor who tells them Nancy's TV constantly goes off when she is watching one particular show and Nancy is convinced someone is after her. Meredith and Frankie remember Nancy's neighbor, Dwayne, who had the means to cut Nancy's cable forcing her to go to his apartment to watch TV. Laura and the team go into Dwayne's apartment and find incriminating information linking him to the murder. They trick him into meeting Nancy at the bar and he further incriminates himself and is arrested for murder.  

The Mysteries of Laura
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