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On The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 5, Laura and the team investigate the murder of a man found in a bath tub. Only problem is, they do not know who he is and have to track down a list of suspects first. It leads them to a man that throws "interesting" parties and rents out apartments and he reveals that he rented out the apartment of a man named Cody. When they are ready to name Cody as the victim they find out that Cody rented his apartment to a man named Mark. 

This leads the team to a meth ring that focuses on providing meth to exhausted mom's. It turns out that Mark was part of the meth ring and was the one to provide it to the mom's because he is unassuming. When the team plans a raid on the ring, they find out that it is actually a woman that is the leader and that Cody, the person they thought was the victim, is actually the real killer. He wanted to steal Mark's identity and start a new life for himself. He almost gets away with it until Laura figures out that it was his "girlfriend" is the one that switched the dental records that would prove who he really is.


The Mysteries of Laura
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No wonder the meth mom's gravitated towards him."


Those Breaking Bad day's when you cook it are over.