The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 5 Review: The Mystery of the Terminal Tenant

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Thanks to The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 Episode 5, I will never be able to take a bath again; showers from now on!

It's rather nice that they are taking some realistic approach to the whole Jake/Laura relationship. Yes, we know that these two are going to get back together down the line -- but I enjoy them trying to come up with a plan to co-parent their kids.

I know that many are over seeing the twins, but they are part of this show; plus they don't include them nearly as much as they could.

My goodness! Can we please keep the old woman around? Listening to her gossip about the different neighbors was just too hilarious! Then throwing in Laura taking a hit off the ladies oxygen; perfection.

There is a new theory that I want to throw out about my favorite person Max. It is clear that he has some intelligence and can easily investigate some tough cases -- though he is still the dope of the office. My theory is, that he is going to surprise all of us later on in the season with the skills that he has. Now I know I am biased because I love Max -- but I really think he is going to put his skills to great use this season and we will see him as more than the dope. 

People are going to complain about the sequence of Laura in her hotel room, but it made sense! This is a working mom and she deserves some rest and relaxation. There is nothing remotely selfish about her wanting alone time; it was pretty spot on. It is refreshing to see a show take a normal approach to a working mother's relationship with her kids; she loves them but damn they get on her nerves sometimes. 

It seems like they were really pushing the ensemble tonight; I liked it! I've said previously that this group works well together and tonight proved that even more. The only complaint that I can make regarding the characters is we need to flesh out them out more. We already have an idea of who Laura and Jake are, but we need to learn more about Billy, Meredith and Max; although I am pretty sure they are going to delve into their stories in upcoming episodes. 

Focusing tonight on a murder/drug-ring was a nice change of pace. The story was actually pretty interesting from beginning to end with a nice group of guest stars. The twist was well played too, though it was rather predictable. The writers seem to be trying to step up their game by giving the audience a story that flows extremely well, but is easy to follow. 

The Mysteries of Laura had a rough start in the beginning of the season; some critics were panning it and other's giving it a death sentence. They've proven week to week that they are not a show to mess with. The stories have consistently improved, the cast is having fun and there is a lot more to be told. 

Yep! It is time to embrace Laura. I'm pretty sure she is going to be around for a little while. So go ahead and embrace the show; watch The Mysteries of Laura online now via TV Fanatic! 

The Mystery of the Terminal Tenant Review

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