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Felix enlists Dani's help on staging food for advertisement photos. 

Oscar returns from Atlantic City with Roy and Teddy. He reveals that he's writing a book. Roy asks to take a nap at their apartment because he doesn't want to go home to his wife yet. 

Baseball player Marcus Murphy comes by to talk to Oscar about the book Oscar is ghostwriting for him. Felix comes in with his camera and Marcus asks him to take his picture for the book flap. 

Felix gets Marcus to open up about poetry he wrote in high school and his feelings about his father. Marcus suggests that Felix write the book with him and Oscar, but Oscar is not happy about the idea. 

They begin writing the book and Oscar is frustrated with Felix nitpicking everything he writes. 

After Marcus leaves, Oscar gets upset with Felix for ruining a simple book about baseball. Felix accuses Oscar of being afraid of anything with depth. 

The book is due tomorrow and they've barely started. Oscar and Teddy meet at a bar to discuss it. Teddy offers to call the publisher and see if he can buy them some time. 

Dani arrives with the perfect hamburger and Felix says he'll take a picture of it. 

The waitress Emily puts things in perspective for them when she tells them that they get paid to do what they love whereas her job is awful. 

The Odd Couple
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The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Oscar: Not everybody wants to share the painful details of their lives.
Felix: Oh really? Heard of Facebook?

Yeah, okay, I can just sleep at the park. At the park no one nags you or says they've lost all sexual desire because your body feels, quote, like a bag of wet sand dipped in hair.