The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The Ghostwriter

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Well that was a definite improvement!

The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 1 felt too over the top for me, but luckily The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 2 managed to tone it down a bit. 

That being said, Emily the waitress was still a little too much. Watching her felt a little like watching a Saturday Night Live skit 

Regardless, I found Episode 2 to be much funnier than the first one. Dani had a bigger role, and it's clear to me that more Yvette Nicole Brown is never a bad thing. Seriously though, she needs to find better ways to spend her days off. Who wants to pick sesame seeds off fake hamburger buns with tweezers? 

What? Oh for God's sake, what is wrong now? Are the seeds too close together, is the lettuce too emotionally available?


Like Felix, it appears Dani is also a perfectionist. She stuck with it until the end and presented Felix with the perfect photogenic, though inedible, hamburger. It looked so good Teddy even took a bite out of it (which was pretty gross). 

Oscar has a serious procrastination problem. I'm not saying I never put a paper off to the last minute in college, but running off to Atlantic City when you have an entire book to write is pretty irresponsible. Felix nitpicking every little thing he wrote, starting with "My name is Marcus Murphy" did not help matters. 

It was fun seeing Geoff Stults back on my screen after the failed Enlisted (RIP). He's a funny guy and I wouldn't mind if they brought him back again some day. It's a good thing Marcus is pretty and athletic, because the school system has obviously failed him: 

Marcus: Oh wow, first two writers, now three. This book is gonna be twice as good!
Felix: Well that math teacher screwed him in more ways than one.

It was funny when he basically pulled a "Tebow" before starting the book. 

Why was Oscar writing the book on a legal pad with a No. 2 pencil? Who does that? The very next scene showed Felix typing on a laptop like a normal person, at least. 

Though the waitress wasn't my favorite part, she did serve a purpose in helping Oscar and Felix put their own lives in perspective by pointing out that they both get paid for doing what they love, whereas she shouldn't even be employed at this bar anymore. I suspect we'll be seeing more of her (and after a quick IMDB check, my theory is confirmed). 

Felix may like his job, but he obviously missed his calling as a psychiatrist. 

Where do you guys stand on the reboot two episodes in? I was on the fence last week, but this one has helped me better see it's potential. I still want Matthew Perry to succeed. 

Remember, you can watch The Odd Couple online any time. 

NOTE: The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 3 will be titled "The Birthday Party" and will air on Thursday, March 5. 

The Ghostwriter Review

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