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Oscar explains to Michael that in going over the annual budget, there is a surplus of $4,300 at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton.

After dumbing it down for him as much as possible, Oscar says that if they don’t spend this $4,300 by the end of the day, corporate will deduct that amount from next year’s budget.

Michael has to decide what to do with the money.

Half the office, led by Pam, want new chairs. The other half, headed up by Jim and Oscar, want a new copier. Michael is unable to decide.

Jim’s been making his own copies since getting engaged to Pam because he feels guilty asking her to make them. He’s sick of the copier.

Jim and Pam seem to be enjoying the competition, which is mostly friendly but there’s definitely an edge of seriousness to it.

Jim and Oscar take Michael to lunch, likely spending the bulk of the meal talking about how great a new copier would be.

When they return, Pam, all made-up and ready to get her flirt on, goes into Michael’s office and compliments him on his $4.00 TJ Maxx tie and boys-size pants.

She turns up the charm big-time and leaves Michael chuckling and probably wondering what he did to become such a rock star today.

Everyone else is kissing up to him as well. We even catch a glimpse of one of those super-rare big toothy grins from Stanley.

On a phone call with David Wallace, Michael learns that he gets a 15 percent bonus of whatever surplus he produces in the annual budget.

Figuring out that this means $645 in his pocket if he doesn’t use the money for anything, he quickly begins plotting to purchase a fur coat from Burlington Coat Factory.

When Michael starts wavering on using the money for the office, Oscar immediately realizes he must have learned about the bonus.

The whole office, who earlier that day would’ve crawled into his lap if he’d asked any of them to, is now against him.

Michael tells the staff to sort it out among themselves. If they can’t decide between the copier or the chairs, they’re getting neither.

He figures they won’t be able to come to a decision but as is often the case, he was wrong. The office agrees on new chairs and Michael now has a fur coat with fake blood all over it to pay off.

Dwight and Angela are at Schrute Farms trying to iron out the details of the big wedding while Andy stands in the background, getting shuffled aside whenever big decisions need to be made.

Dwight leads Andy and Angela into the barn where the wedding will take place. A German Mennonite minister is on hand to help.

Little do Angela and Andy realize that as the minister is speaking (in German) with Angela and Dwight standing before him, he’s marrying THEM.

“I do”’s are spoken and afterwards, while Mose is busy chucking something at Andy’s head, Dwight reveals to Angela that they really just got married.

She had revealed to him that she realized she made a mistake in choosing Andy but upon learning that Dwight secretly married her without asking permission, she chucks the twine-ring he gave her at him and bolts.

Later at the office, Angela gives Andy a huge kiss right in front of Dwight and then says she has something legal to take care of.

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The Office Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Andy: Dwight, I'm a little concerned about some of these directions to Schrute Farms...
Dwight: Yeah, do tell.
Andy: I mean, like, "156 paces from the light red mailbox, make a left."
Dwight: Mmhmm.
Andy: "Walk until you hear the beehive."
Dwight: How could it be more clear?
Angela: I think Andy makes an excellent point.
Dwight: Okay.

I swallowed all your ideas. I'm going to digest them and see what comes out the other end.