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The sales team are acting better then everyone in the office and no one especially Michael likes it.

Sabre sent a bunch of leads for the sales team and Michael decides to not give it to them. 

Upper management tells him that he has to hand them out so he gives them to everyone except the people in sales. 

Michael personally hides Jim’s leads all around the building.  Jim calls Pam to have her help.

Meanwhile, Dwight comes back freaking out that Michael didn’t call him when the leads came in. Michael tells him that gave his leads to Kevin. Kevin tells Dwight that he hid it in the trash. Erin then tells them that she threw out the trash.

Since it is Friday, the garbage men came and picked up the trash. Michael runs after the garbage men, but it is too late. He tries to rally everyone to go with him to pick through the dump, but Dwight is the only one who goes.

Out in the middle of all the trash Michael and Dwight duke it out by bad mouthing and throwing trash at each other. They end up not finding the leads, but making up and bringing back a bean bag for them to share at the office.

Back at the office, the sales team try to come up with a way to create a peace. As reluctant as they are, they all agree to hand over two percent of their sales checks.  Just before they are about to make the presentation, the rest of the office thinks that their peace treaty came in the form of sweets. Everyone is happy again.

Erin and Andy end the show with their first kiss in the middle of the dumpster.

The Office
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The Office Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Jim: Who's that?
Michael: Captain Jack Sparrow - Captain Jack Sparrow Jim!

Jim Jim - where do I find the black pearl?