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If Michael Scott hooked up with your mom at my wedding, how would you feel?

Pam was far from thrilled with her boss this week, but that made for some comic relief, as Pam was  worked up than she's ever been, and even sorta crossed a line.

Which was awesome.

The meeting scene, where Pam lets the office in on the fact that Michael has started dating her mother, had an angry energy rarely seen at Dunder-Mifflin (except by Stanley at Michael, that is).

In any case, Michael acted like the bigger adult while Jim stood by idly. It was quite the unusual turn of events. Fortunately, Pam realized she'd gone too far and didn't go totally haywire.

Jim shows that while he's almost Mr. Perfect, he could do a better job under stress. He could have admitted to his wife that he knew about this before someone else spilled. But alas, charm didn't save him this time.

Meanwhile, Dwight bugged Jim's office. Dwight as a creepy, paranoid weirdo just works, plain and simple.

Given the utterly mundane nature of what Dwight had on the pen recorder at the end of the day, especially.

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The Office Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Dwight: Where'd you get that mallard?
Kelly: What the hell is a mallard?
Dwight: THAT!
Kelly: Oh! Professor Damon D. Duck! Jim gave him to me.
Dwight: I gave that to him as a gift. I'm taking that back.
Kelly: If you take it back I'll scream.
Dwight: I'll give you five bucks for it.
Ryan: Twenty.
Dwight Schrute: Ten.
Ryan: Deal.
Kelly: You're so cool.
Ryan: This reminds me, you owe me three bucks for gas.

Kevin: Whoa, where'd you get that hat?
Ryan: I'd rather not say.