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Dwight, as owner of the building, is keeping the temperature down, putting motion sensors on all of the lights, and half-plying the toilet paper in order to save money. After putting a big Exterminating sign on the building, Pam tells Dwight that the company will just move buildings.

Pam brings in pictures of a new office space, and tells Dwight that if he doesn't take back all of the changes he's made, they'll move out in three months.  Dwight finds out that the building Pam was showing everyone doesn't exist. He then gives her the knowledge of laws he was breaking so that he can spare her, and then feast off her profits in the future.

Michael reads an article about how China is becoming the world's new super power, and he is not happy about it. While complaining to the office, trying to figure out what they're going to do about China, Michael wins a fact argument with Oscar.

Everyone in the office is proud of Michael and wants to keep up the charade that Michael is smarter than Oscar.  Oscar invites Michael to coffee so that he can make him look stupid, so the rest of the office coaches up Michael and gives him a cheat sheet. After killing it for a while, Michael is stumped by Oscar and loses his cheat sheet.

Andy keeps texting Darryl completely useless messages, and Darryl's not pleased. They make a deal that with one more bad text, Andy gets blocked. However, with a good text, he will get a high five. Andy texts Darryl to come out to the parking lot for crazy pigeon action, and after seeing the birds eating ice cream, Darryl high fives Andy.

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The Office Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

And they'd all say the same thing, "I'm coming over baby." And I would text back, "BTB." Bring that booty.


Owning a building is a war between the landlord and the tenant. Not a literal war, unfortunately, but I am using the same tactics.