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After a brief power outage, the server went down.  The office tries to remember what the password was for the server before they figure out it was bigboobz.

Ryan's WUPHF.com has started to take off and some of the people in the office have become investors.  His company has nine days until bankruptcy so the rest of the crew wants to sell, but Michael won't budge.  In the end, Ryan decides to sell.

Dwight is operating Hay Place, so he's too busy to tend to Angela, who wants to take a roll in the hay with him. After meeting a new guy at Hay Place, Angela decides to void her sex contract with Dwight.

Jim is on a selling hot streak, but found out that there is a commission cap so he can make no more commission the rest of the fiscal year. He then gets really bored and tries to find something to occupy his time while at work. He decides to change Jo's audio book to make Gabe stay at the office all night listening to it.

The Office
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The Office Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Oscar is my Queen. That's easy, give me a hard one - that's what Oscar said.


Dwight: The petting zoo closes at 2:00, and the goat roast starts at 3:00.

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