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Esther plans a dinner party at the compound for Klaus and Elijah and invites herself into their home. While Klaus prepares for his mother's arrival, he tells Hayley the story of how he and his siblings became vampires and why their mother seems to hate them so much. When they learn that Esther is working with someone, Elijah goes in search of a witch who can help them.

Marcel pushes Elijah into working with Gia and teaching her how to be a vampire because he believes they need an Original on their side as they form a new vampire community. Elijah doesn't understand Marcel's lesson and neither does Gia. Still, the two work together.

Gia introduces him to Lenore during their lessons and Lenore agrees to help them. Finn/Vincent shows up as soon as they leave and kidnaps the witch. When Finn leaves Oliver in charge of getting information out of Lenore, he calls Hayley and she sets off with the task of getting the witch to complete the spell necessary for Klaus and Elijah to track their mother's spirit when she jumps into a new body. 

Finn arrives first to the dinner party and introduces himself to his brothers, telling them that this is his celebratory return after being daggered for over 900 years. Elijah informs him it was his hatred of their vampiric nature which kept Finn in his coffin. Cassie arrives and Klaus learns that his mother's attention during his childhood was largely to hide her own indiscretions. 

Hayley bonds with Lenore over the loss of her baby, but Lenore has different plans for the spell she casts for Klaus and Elijah. Instead of sending Esther's spirit out of Cassie's body and into that of a stranger, Lenore calls Esther's spirit into herself and Hayley witnesses the mark appear on Lenore's hand.

When Klaus and Elijah arrive to save Hayley from Lenore/Esther, she says she has returned to heal their family, promising a way to return them to human forms and save them from the pain of being vampires.



The Originals
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The Originals Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

You rant and rave about the monster I have become, but you, mother, you are the author of everything I am.


No, you don't get to ignore me for days and then suddenly act like you're concerned, Elijah. Just for once, would you please trust me that I say I will do something and it will get done?


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Today the moon tomorrow the sun powerline Powerline Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun iTunes
Song Begging For Thread Banks