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Hayley and Klaus go on a witch-killing spree which sends Hayley further into despair. Elijah tells Klaus that Hayley is barely dealing with having become a hybrid and that perhaps there is a more constructive way to reach her. Klaus then takes her to the bayou so that she can assert herself as leader of the Crescent wolves. They will need wolves on their side because of the growing werewolf-witch alliance.

Cassie has a coven of witches making moonlight rings to give to the werewolves who pledge their loyalty to her. Klaus takes this as a personal affront and sits down with the witch to talk. He discovers that she is Esther after studying her mannerisms and speech and reports back to Elijah.

Elijah, meanwhile, has been working with Marcel to find the White Oak stake. They discover that Davina is in possession of the one weapon which can kill an Original and that Mikael is tethered to her through magic. 

When Elijah returns home, he and Klaus discuss the fact that both of their parents have returned. Neither of them know that Kol and Finn are back too, but Kol, in the body of Kaleb, lies to their mother when she questions him about the attack at Rousseau's and what weapon Davina is hiding.

Hayley brings home a pack of werewolves and Elijah leaves the compound, telling Hayley it makes him uncomfortable to have so many of them so close.

Marcel forces Elijah to choose a side: Team Wolf or Team Vampire.

The Originals
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The Originals Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Klaus: Your people need a leader. You are their queen.
Hayley: I am a mess. I cry all day. I feed all night. All I can think about is how much I miss my daughter.

[to Elijah] Hayley is one of us now. Being a vampire only exaggerates what you truly are, and wolves are wild things.


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