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Klaus takes Cami to the safe house on The Originals Season 2 Episode 10 and immediately introduces her to Hope. Klaus feels compelled to keep her out of harm's way while they deal with Finn and believes Cami will be the best babysitter for the job. They believe Rebekah will be making her way to the safe house soon.

Rebekah is in the insane asylum while Finn works with their father to destroy his siblings. 

Jackson and Hayley meet in the compound to discuss their impending marriage which will free the werewolves from their allegiance to Finn. Marcel and Aiden bring both the werewolves and the vampires together for a talk about how they can work together.

In the asylum, Rebekah meets Cassie, the witch Esther once inhabited. Rebekah asks Cassie for help in leaving the asylum and Cassie tells her that the only people who leave are dead.

Kol moves into the compound and Klaus brings him a gift. Finn interrupts their reunion to find out where their mother is being held. 

Hayley and Marcel attempt to broker a truce between the vampires and the werewolves and Finn walks in to shake the foundations of the compound with his magic. He has confined them all inside the compound's walls, hoping they will destroy each other. Klaus tells Kol to fix the problem since he's a witch now.

Marcel puts Gia in charge of the vampires, asking her to keep them from looking for trouble. His solution to their problem is to drink, hoping that will keep them all happy. 

Elijah is bored with talking to Cami and believes her drinking is a ruse to get him talking. She tells him she's drinking to forget her own problems and reminds him that his brother wants her dead. When she brings up the subject of he and Hayley, he changes the subject by deciding to play her trivia game.

Klaus gently ribs Hayley about sleeping with Elijah. Then he reads her and knows that she's feeling guilty about sleeping with Elijah knowing she has to marry Jackson. Klaus suggests she keep the truth from Jackson.

Cassie tells Rebekah about the history of the asylum and how most of those who are held captive there are victims of magic, held there by those who call themselves the Kindred. Once upon a time they were obsessed with dark magic and have been locked away by their coven. Rebekah plans to send a distress signal to get help. 

Kol calls Davina to the compound to help him take down the magic walls Finn erected. Marcel watches closely to see whether or not Davina or Kol will be able to break the spell. They can't and Davina deduces that Finn is channeling a dark object to keep them all trapped. That dark object is Mikael himself.

Cami finds playing trivia with Elijah hilarious and exhausting and witnesses him breaking into his obsessive routine when she spills a drink on his shirt. Elijah receives a call from Angelica Barker who is still herself and not Rebekah. Klaus says he'll handle it and Kol overhears. They need items from the Lycee which means telling Finn where their mother is.

Hayley decides to tell Jackson the truth about Elijah and their time at the safe house. Jackson asks if she's in love with him and she doesn't answer, which is answer enough in itself. He seems hurt by her confession.

Josh takes Aiden to a remote location in the house so they can be alone and while they discuss the problems with being together, Josh is overcome with a hunger unlike anything he's ever experienced. Finn is working magic which makes the werewolves seem appetizing to the vampires in the compound.

Klaus calls Finn to negotiate the release of the vampires and werewolves by turning over their mother to Finn. As Finn tells Klaus what it is he wants, Klaus pretends there is static on the phone line. Klaus gives Finn their mother's location so that Davina can sneak into the Lycee.

Rebekah forces Cassie to use magic so they can send a message to her siblings about her whereabouts.

Tensions increase between the werewolves and vampires inside the compound. Kol devises a plan to let the werewolves and vampires escape from the compound but it will render their rings ineffective. 

Elijah is haunted by memories of killing Tatia. Cami tries to comfort him and calm him and he vamps on her but doesn't bite. 

Someone inside the asylum is speaking to Rebekah so she decides to follow the ghost.

Finn breaks into the tomb to rescue Esther and finds that she has transitioned to a vampire. 

While Kol and Davina try to free the vampires and werewolves, Aiden is injured in a skirmish. The smell of blood serves as a dinner bell for all the vampires trapped inside the compound. Klaus stops Josh from feeding on Aiden.

Rebekah laments being trapped inside a human body after following the ghost through the asylum. In an upstairs room, a door opens and Rebekah finds a coffin inside. Just as she is about to open it, she hears footsteps and after going into the hallway, the door closes behind her.

Finn rejects his mother for her weakness and decision to transition, calling her a hypocrite, and then scalds her brain. 

Kol and Davina drop the wall surrounding the compound allowing the werewolves to escape. The vampires stay inside the compound's walls since their daylight rings don't work. Klaus leaves the compound after sending Kol back inside with the vampires. He has discovered Kol's treachery and doesn't take his "prank" lightly.

Hayley escaped the compound when the veil was dropped and returned to the bayou with Jackson. Hayley says she never wants to hear the word ring again and Jackson hands her an engagement ring. He promises to love her and asks her to marry him.

Klaus calls Elijah and says he's working on finding Rebekah and then he realizes that Cami has been eavesdropping. He blames the family stress on his abrupt departure from Cami's presence earlier in the afternoon and asks her forgiveness. She offers to be a friendly ear should he ever want to talk.

Klaus visits the place where he entombed his mother and learns that she opted to transition. He knows Finn has their mother. Finn puts his mother into a trance and uses her as a magical talisman alongside Mikael. 

The vampires in the compound continue fighting their hunger and Kol barricades himself into his room hoping to make it through the night.

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Hayley: I'm sorry...this just all sounds very...
Jackson: Intimate? Yeah, it's a marriage.

It has been said that all love begins and ends with she who gave us life. A thousand years ago my mother turned us into monsters yet still she claimed to love her children even as she vowed to destroy us. The noble Elijah, tormented by long buried, shameful secrets. Kol, the wily troublemaker, out for no one but himself. Finn, the devoted acolyte, his love all too easily warped by our mother's sick hate. Fierce Rebekah, willing to risk everyhing on the chance that she might one day find happiness. And me, the bastard child, my mother's greatest shame. Now finally we have defeated her, giving her the choice she never thought to give us, to live on as one of the monsters she created, or suffer the slow, agonizing death she so deserves.