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On The Originals Season 2 Episode 11, Klaus asks Marcel to keep Kol alive so that they can learn Rebekah's whereabouts. He plans to have Davina break the barrier spell. Marcel tells Klaus he was bitten by a werewolf while helping them escape and Klaus vows to get his blood to Marcel.

In his hallucinations, Marcel has flashbacks to the time he left the family to fight in World War I and the conversation he had with Klaus just before leaving. In the compound, his vampires are growing restless. 

Kol taunts a hugnry Marcel by using Davina's loyalties to his advantage, which angers Marcel, who continues to see visions of the men he fought with in the war. When their Major was killed during a strike, Marcel took up the mantel of leader to guide his regiment out of danger. 

Klaus enlists Davina in finding Finn, but Finn is blocking her locater spell. She learns that he's channeling their parents and other totems to use their magic. When she and Klaus head to the tombs to find him, Klaus is rendered unconscious.

Cami attempts to psychoanalyze Elijah in order to help him work through his issues. He wrestles with the truth of Tatia's death and whether or not to tell Klaus the truth of her passing. He fears what will happen should Klaus find out that he killed Tatia and not their mother. He is also rendered unconscious.

Kol falls to his knees while attempting to give Gia the headache of the century. He, Klaus, and Elijah are brought to a cabin for mystical mental target practice. They can't harm him but he can do grave injury to them while inside.

Aiden collects the moonstone rings from the werewolves and brings them to Hayley and Jackson. Their marriage will occur in 10 days and in 10 days the rest of the wolves will have Hayley's powers. 

Davina tries to wake Klaus up by slapping him in the face. When he won't wake, she answers his phone and Cami is on the other line. Neither of them know how to help the brothers. 

Kol reveals his fear of being vulnerable to Finn and Finn makes his nose bleed which makes the vampires in the compound hungry. Marcel's hallucinations continue and Josh and Gia learn he's been bitten by a wolf. Gia openly detests the fact that he refused to tell them he was bitten. They sit in wait as the barrier around them weakens and food marches down the streets.

Finn sends Kol back into his body to prevent him from telling Klaus and Elijah where to find Rebekah. When he returns to the compound, Kol tells Marcel Finn's plan to return them to the streets at sundown. 

Jackson and Hayley hike into the woods to visit Jackson's grandmother, an elder, and when she learns that they'll have to undergo complete honesty with Jackson in order to marry him, she backs out.

Finn wonders why Klaus killed his biological father, once believing that to be Klaus' greatest desire. When Klaus doesn't react to Finn's plan to steal New Orleans, Finn continues to question what Klaus is hiding. Elijah suppresses the urge to kill Finn.

Jackson follows Hayley through the woods where she tells him that some of her secrets aren't hers to tell. He promises that her secrets will be his and she agrees to begin the rituals.

The vampires still struggle with their hunger and Marcel remembers a time when his soldiers asked to be turned into vampires so they could continue the fight. When he snaps back to reality, he speaks to his group and rallies their loyalties once again. He asks them to follow him across the river to his loft instead of feeding on the locals attending the parade. 

Elijah tells his brothers that he killed Tatia in order to break Finn's magic and just as they move to strike him, he returns them to their bodies. Klaus and Davina head out to help the vampires escape the city without shedding blood.

Marcel and the vampires make their way down the streets of New Orleans, struggling the entire way. Just as they near the river, Marcel falls. Klaus and Davina arrive after the vampires have made their way out of the city. Across the way, Davina spots Kol and the two reconnect. 

Marcel wakes up in his loft with Gia on his side and Finn appears, taking all the vampires in order to get to Klaus' secrets. Klaus gets there later to find them all gone and calls Aiden for help in finding the vampires. He learns that Hayley and Jackson will undergo a divulging ceremony and sets off into the bayou to stop it.

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Look, Camille, you know I'm no stranger to violence. Typically however I'm possessed of a certain control. However now and then I can be consumed with the chaos and untethered from that control.


[to Marcel] Family are not just people who coddle you, who grant you your every whim. They are people who fight for you, who you fight for.